Certification Agreement

<p>So I took my first SAT Subject test yesterday and I didn't sign the certification agreement. The test administrators never told us to do so. Someone had asked before we staredand they said they didn't know. She said she supposed we would sign them after. I was only taking one subject, and after we finished they just collected the answer booklets without issuing further instructions.</p>

<p>So in the end I didn't sign the certification agreement. Is there any chance my score won't be invalidated?? I am planning to call the college board tomorrow if that does any help at all. =s</p>

<p>those things are a joke anyways. They make you write in cursive, which is pointless. I haven't wrote in cursive since 3rd grade. Anyways, if you're really concerned just call. It's basically making you agree that you wont share answers via email, text, online, etc., but as you can see with these threads no one pays any attention to that.</p>

<p>Yea i know it's a joke, but still wouldn't failing to sign that lead to my test scores being invalidated? or do you think they'll ignore it</p>