CFA retakes

<p>Alright, I took the CFA this morning</p>

<p>BB throw: 60 ft</p>

<p>Pull ups 7</p>

<p>Shutle run 10.54</p>

<p>sit ups 56</p>

<p>push ups 71</p>

<p>mile run 7:16</p>

<p>Now my instructor and I kinda messed up the schedule of events and I ended up doing the push ups and Pull ups back to back, should I retake this to see if I can get my scores up? typically I can do about 10-12 but my arms just felt dead after all the push ups, also, how are my scores in general? all the CFA things have different standards and I"m not sure which one I should look at.</p>

<p>thanks for the help!</p>

<p>Also, I'm a guy, might be important info.</p>

<p>Did you submit it to USAFA?</p>

<p>If so, forget the retake; they won't accept it. Once it's submitted, ONLY USAFA can authorize a retake and they VERY rarely will do that.</p>

<p>If you did NOT submit it...then you have no concern.</p>

USAFA '83</p>

<p>I didn't submit it yet, I was just wondering if I should do it again and see if my scores go up when I do it in the right order</p>

<p>Your test is invalid, it cannot be submitted.</p>

<p>The test is designed to be taken in a particular sequence to produce a cumulative loading effect.</p>

<p>Take it again.</p>

<p>Got it, thanks</p>

Your test is invalid, it cannot be submitted.


<p>Thats kind of what I was thinking. I don't really remember for sure, but it seems like the person giving the test has to sign it saying it was done as specified. So either it needs to be redone or the person signing would be making a false statement. But I am really, really just going from memory and don't know if that is for certain.</p>

<p>Well, it was my Jrotc instructor and I don't think he ever read through that packet I sent him, but I'll go retake it and we'll see how I do! hopefully it'll help me get my scores up on the pull ups</p>