Hey all, just wanted to post my first CFA scored out there to see if anyone had input on if I could have possibly passed? From my perspective, I am strong in some areas, and quite weak in others. Open to any advice or feedback…
B-ball throw: 23, 25, 22
Arm hang: 29:47
Shuttle Run: 12:03
Curl Ups: 102
Push ups: 40
Mile run: 9:05 (I know, oof.)

The best advice you will get on the strength of your CFA is from the person who conducted it and your BGO who will have some idea of how competitive this is against others in your district. You can see the maximums for each category here:

All candidates should work toward the max in each category as there are no published minimums.

Your basketball throw, shuttle run, and mile are all failing. Get to work improving everything.