CGS freshmen!

<p>Hey guys, I would like to know which of you are going to the cgs program of study at bu?</p>

<p>right here..</p>

<p>I am as well</p>

<p>Where are you going to live? Have you guys received your textbook list for the semester?</p>

<p>im living in sleeper hall, and yeah, i got my book list.</p>

<p>im in claflin..i got the book list..but has anyone ordered their books yet? is there any reason to do it so early?</p>

<p>and i also heard we should get the book "The Painted Bird".. its not required for summer reading..but they recommend it because we will be reading it eventually in class.. has anyone read it?</p>

Where can I check the book lists? I havent found where to read it off the website.
Im CGS by the way.

<p>log into the student link...under the academics section there should be a "my current schedule" and a link that says "buy books" or something..</p>

Yes, The Painted Bird is a required reading for all CGS freshman and is the 1st large novel that will be assigned to everyone. I remember my professor requiring us to read up to page 100 by like the 3rd day of school. Not to worry you or anything, it's totally doable, not a difficult read, but believe me, every year theres the pressure of "procrastinating" on the first assigned book, and tons of people do it with this one. You will be tested on it, have to right papers on it, and yes, you will probably get sick of this book, especially because its kind of gross. Oh yeah, and its for social science. </p>

<p>So if you have the time or the will power to get ahead, I highly recommend getting this book now, and reading it. Seriously, you will feel so good about yourself when everyone else is stressed about finishing this book before the test, and you are sitting back relaxing, already having read the book.</p>

<p>somehow when I check current schedule, there is a message that says no classes assigned. And there is no link to "buy books" or what so ever. What should I do?</p>

<p>have you been to orientation yet? if not, thats why you dont have a schedule.... you dont need to order them right now, you can order them once you pick your schedule.</p>

<p>hey if anyone wouldnt mind, i'm kinda worried about getting into CGS even though i'm applying early decision this year. Lookin for some stats of those of you who got in. Either here or a PM, whatever you want. i'd appreciate it.</p>