Ch4nce5 f0r m3h

<p>My average is around a 88..89. I'm not really sure but around there.
My high school does not rank.
Asian (Chinese) female interested in studying computer science.
junior @ Stuyvesant High School</p>

<p>8th grade courses that had H.S. credit: Earth science and French Level I</p>

<p>Classes I took:
9th grade: (two terms unless noted)
Math A
Beginner Band (violin)
Phys Ed (2nd term, I had a fencing selective which was reaaally cool )
World History
French Level II</p>

<p>10th grade: (two terms unless noted)
Math A/B
Phys Ed
World History
French Level III
Japanese Level I
Drafting (1 term)
Intro Computer Science (1 term)

<p>11th grade: (two terms unless noted)
English (American Lit)
US History
Phys Ed
A.P. Computer Science
French Level IV (we don't have a French AP language course but a French AP literature course which comes after this)
Japanese Level II
Math B
Computer Technology (1 term)
Health (1 term)</p>

<p>expected: 12th grade
AB Caculusl
System lvl programming/Computer graphics
Japanese year 3
Phys ed
AP Env
Graphics design
American Govt/Economics</p>

<p>my SAT scores were pretty bad..
670 Math
680 Verbal
630 Writing
total: 1980/2400 ugh.</p>

<p>I will retake in October.
World History SAT II: 680</p>

<p>Planning to take SAT II Lit and SAT II Physics in June.</p>

Key Club --- member '04-'05, web committee head from '05-'06 (I design the school keyclub & divisional website with my co-head)
Science Olympiad --- '02-'05 Team member, won one regional gold && one regional bronze && one state fourth '03, one regional silver '04
Junior SING! '05--- Costume crew (SING! is a theater competition between Junior, Senior and Soph Frosh and we have dance crews which include latin dance, hip hop, tap, belly dancing etc etc..with tech crew, lighting crew and costume crew etc etc)
Morgan Stanley Mentoring Program --- mentoree '04-'05 (I spend time with my mentor who works for Morgan Stanley and see what they do etc.)
Comp Sci Project --- A project I'm going to work on with a group which will computerize the Programming Corrections system that the students/programming office have to do every term. Will be written in Python.
PottyRings(it's more of a fun thing rather than a scholarly thing) --- Treasurer
Japanese Honors Society '05-'06
Blood Drives --- summer of '04 </p>

<p>What are my chances for CMU (SCS) and NYU (CAS)?
My school is the biggest feeder school in nyc for NYU if that helps.</p>

<p>It'd be helpful if someone told me what to work on..</p>

<p>Bring that SAT up and the GPA</p>

<p>eh..I don't have much hope for the GPA. I've been averaging at around 88-89 since 7th grade on. :\ Quite discouraging</p>

<p>I'm in Stuyvesant though, it's a very competitive high school. That helps explain my GPA right? T__T</p>

<p>BTW would Comp Sci or AP Comp Sci count as a core class? (one of the ones college use to recalculate GPA)</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon SCS - Reach
NYU - Match/Slight Reach?</p>

<p>im not saying that sat's are everything, but CMU SCS has average (old) SATI of 1460. you might want to try to bring up your sat's</p>

<p>You know, it took me a LONG time to learn how to pronounce Stuyvesant.</p>

<p>Damn history books.</p>

<p>Anyway, I think you have a fair chance at CMU, and I think you'd be well off for NYU. I'm pretty sure NYU knows the degree of competition there is at Stuy.</p>

<p>the thing is..I looked at the stats for the graduating class of '04...and it seems that RD for NYU was a lot more selective than CMU. Like..All 3 of the ED applicants for CMU got in with high 80 averages and most of the 88's and 89's went to CMU RD. </p>

<p>In RD NYU, only 3 of the 88's went.</p>

<p>but then again it might be because the students were applying to less competitive schools @ CMU? But that doesn't make sense because most of the students here are very math/science oriented. Also..the college handbook they gave us lists CMU under "colleges that usually accept averages of 85" and NYU as "Very Competitive Colleges" that prefer students with above 90 averages.</p>

<p>Oh, the applicants for CMU and NYU, they all had around the same SAT scores. like 650 + on each section or so. </p>

<p>so..yea, I'm confused. What they're telling me is opposite of what you guys are saying on CC.</p>

<p>I think that some of the responses are not considering your high school. I know the number is crazy but I can't remember exactly- do you know about how many people go to NYU from Stuy per year?</p>

<p>about how to prepare...try USACO...very fun, and if you do well, it'll look really good</p>


<p>let me count..from class of '04</p>

<p>19ED 63RD got accepted to NYU</p>

<p>USACO: I did some USACO problems in comp sci. simple ones so I doubt I'll get far in the competitions. plus I prefer munkeys over cows :D</p>

<p>Why not look into some other schools? NYU and CMU are fine institutions, but with your HS credentials (esp. from a competitive school like Stuy), you could easily get into some other fine institutions.</p>

<p>Or is it a home state sorta thing?</p>

<p>Yeah, come join us Californians at Stanford, Cal, Caltech, HMC, or Cal Poly SLO! You can't beat the weather, that's for, these schools all are pretty good CS-wise...</p>

<p>Do USACO! Do USACO! (I just got done failing the exam lol)</p>

<p>why? :D
cuz my ap comp sci teacher went to NYU, and he's the smartest person I know. He's that cool. My current math teacher went to NYU as well, and he is sooo awesome. Best math teacher I ever had since 6th grade. My physics teacher from last term transferred from MIT to NYU, and he's also uber smart. <333 I absolutely loved physics when I had him last year and I understood..and I was happy. Now...I just suck at physics and wish it was over. </p>

<p>but I visited NYU on monday and I had an iffy feeling (maybe cuz I was alone, w/o parents there?)</p>

<p>CMU - g00d comp sci program. :)</p>

<p>and my credentials suck, my GPA and SAT scores sux0rs. Many people at my school get 90+ and way higher SAT scores than me :&lt;/p>

<p>You'd think that, huh. Well, you should apply to NYU ED, if you love it so much. But NYU has lousy financial aid. (They offered me like, what, $200 in school based grants?)</p>

<p>Be forewarned. :P.</p>

<p>So you're a science monkey girl. Hrm. Make sure you consider some safeties too. What safeties do you have in mind?</p>

<p>Don't compare yourself to others. The only person who can beat you out is yourself. (I know, sounds motivational and corny, but whatever.)</p>

<p>I spent too much time comparing myself to other applicants trying to get into Georgetown, instead of sprucing up on what I needed to work on.</p>

<p>all the more reason to do something out of the ordinary...</p>

<p>do a CS project somewhere...program a game or something...</p>

<p>I doubt admissions committees are just going to sit there and play prospective CS students' games all day long.</p>


<p>That would be interesting, wouldn't it?</p>

<p>I'm not too good with identifying East Coast tech schools. Obviously, there are places like MIT and RPI, and etc., but...</p>

<p>actually, I'll bet one of the reasons I got into Caltech was because of one of my games...I wrote an analysis of my game in "the box"</p>

<p>And my HMC CS professors liked my games, too :)</p>

<p>Damnit! I got hooked on your snake Game. :P</p>

<p>we have midterm/final projects in cs class. plus this is listed as a EC:</p>

<p>Comp Sci Project --- A project I'm going to work on with a group which will computerize the Programming Corrections system that the students/programming office have to do every term. Will be written in Python.</p>

<p>which will happen after AP tests. I have to relearn Python again.. o_o</p>

<p>I don't love NYU, but I admire it because it produces/teaches such great people. I know the Financial Aid is lousy, that's why I'm contemplating whether I should ED CMU or ED NYU.</p>

<p>I would really really love to go to CMU because of the great comp sci program. But if the chances are against me, why waste this opportunity?</p>

<p>So that's the reason I asked the chances for these two schools:</p>

<p>I know my chances for my other schools.
RIT: Safety
Columbia: HAHAHA Reach (I would rather go to CMU anyway)
SUNY Oneonta: Safety</p>