Cha-Chance Me! Will Chance Back!

<p>I'm a senior this year, and I'm getting all my apps done... hopefully soon...
I haven't done one of these before, so I was wondering what my chances are.
I'll chance you back! Much Appreciated!</p>

[<em>] SAT I: 2100 (750W 12e, 700M, 650CR)
[</em>] ACT: 31C, 32E 33M 31R 28S (retaking in December)
[<em>] SAT II: Math II - 710 , Biology M - 720 , Literature - 650 (retaking in Dec. Math and Bio should be much higher)
[</em>] Unweighted GPA : 3.95
[<em>] Weighted GPA: 4.44
[</em>] UC GPA: 4.33
[<em>] Rank: 1/346 (Valedictorian)
[</em>] ELC Qualified (Davis, Irvine, SB, Riverside, Merced)
[<em>] AP: US History (4) , Biology (5) (my school offers a total of 5 AP classes)
[</em>] Senior Year Course Load: Honors Physics (No AP), Honors Anatomy, AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature, Honors French IV (No AP), Economics
[<em>] CSF President (senior Year)- Planned and ran a 4-day trip to So Cal to tour 9 colleges
[</em>] Key Club Vice President + Secretary (Senior Year)
[<em>] HS Climate Action Team Co-Founder + Treasurer (Senior Year)
[</em>] HS Science Exposition Director of Logistics and Organization- I am one of the 5 directors of this large event for our school, town, and the third grade classes of 5 elementary schools
[/ul]Other School Related Activities:[ul]
[<em>] CSF (10-12)
[</em>] Key Club (10-12)- 200 hours of Community Service
[<em>] Eco Club (12)
[</em>] Varsity Track (11-12)
[<em>] Varisty Cross Country (12)
[</em>] Outdoor School Camp Counselor
[<em>] Rotary Youth Leadership Award
[</em>] Rotary Local High School Student of the Month
[<em>] Took Intro to Psychology and American Government at a community college (got A's in both)
<a href="9th%20Grade"></a> Best Student in English + Honors Biology, (10th Grade) Best Student in Algebra II + Honors Chemistry, (11th Grade) Best Student in AP Biology (are these high school awards even worth mentioning?)
[</em>]Male, Asian Indian, Small Town, Rarely Sends Grads to Top Schools
Interested In:*[ul]
[<em>] UC Berkeley
[</em>] UCLA
[<em>] UCSD
[</em>] Pomona College
[<em>] Univ. of Chicago
[</em>] John Hopkins U
[<em>] Stanford U
[</em>] Yale U

<p>Yep, those last ones are really a stretch, having sub-par scores and being asian.. My essays should be good, and though my teachers LOVE me, their recommendations are probably quite generic.</p>

<p>Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And remember, I'll chance back!</p>

<p>UC Berkeley --reach-oos?
UCLA -idk
UCSD idk
Pomona College --in
Univ. of Chicago --low reach
John Hopkins U --high match/low reach
Stanford U --high reach
Yale U --high reach</p>

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<p>Oh! I'm going into science. For Berkeley, i've applied under Neurobiology, Stanford is Human Biology, so its along those lines. :)</p>

<p>I'm in-state for CA... ELC.</p>

<p>UCLA/Berkeley/ - High Match
Stanford -High Reach
Yale - Mid Reach
UCSD - in
Chicago/Johns Hopkins - Low Reach
Dunno about Ponoma.</p>

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<li>UC Berkeley - In

<li>UCLA - In</li>
<li>UCSD - In</li>
<li>John Hopkins U - 50/50</li>
<li>Stanford U - 50/50</li>
<li>Yale U - Reach</li>

<p>As long as you're the top of your class, you should be guaranteed into the UC's. Yale, however, is a different story. The valedictorian of my class scored a 2400 on her SAT, had a 4.8 GPA, and many EC's, and got wait-listed.</p>

<p>That's a horror story! But Yale + Stanford are like that. I've even known some people with 2300's getting rejected from Berkeley.</p>

<p>Your course load is similar to mine in that it is not as rigorous as people from other public/private schools (my hs rarely sends grads to top schools either, but I think this will set you apart because I was told that when the college looks at you in terms of your high school they see how much more advanced you are). I think that the UC's are in for you. Chicago will probably be a low reach, JH a low reach and Yale a high reach. Good luck!</p>

<li>UC Berkeley - High match. You look qualified for L&S, except for ACT science score

<li>UCLA - Match</li>
<li>UCSD - shoo-in</li>
<li>Pomona College - Low reach</li>
<li>Univ. of Chicago - Low reach</li>
<li>John Hopkins U - Low reach </li>
<li>Stanford U - big reach</li>
<li>Yale U - big reach
Best of luck :) Good stats, minus the course work load.
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<p>minus the course load?
I think I have the most rigorous at my school, and its quite demanding. My school is on a trimester schedule, 5 periods, and 70 minutes each, so they pack a lot of material on you. My english class is combined to also serve as an Intro to Poetry. In the end, 70 minute class periods leads to 1hr. + of homework per class normally.
And AP classes and my honors anatomy class are all year, so maybe it makes it seem like I have less classes, but the material goes much, much more indepth.</p>

<p>And thank you for the chance! lol.</p>

<p>Yale/Stan-high reach
Chicago/UC Berkley-low reach
Hopkins-high match</p>

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<p>Honestly, being in state helps alot of the UCs. Your SAT/ACT are good but for stanford and yale, they're on the low end, especially since you don't really have a hook. Your ECs are pretty good and unique though. I'd say you;re a low reach for JHU and you have a good shot at UChicago.</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>i'm not sure about the privates but the ivy leagues are pretty much reaches for everyone am i right??
for UC's :
UCLA - Match
UCB - Match
ELC will help you get into LA/Berkeley but you never know what might happen, you are more than qualified tho in my opinion</p>

<p>UC Berkeley: Match
UCLA: Match
Pomona College: Low Reach
Univ. of Chicago: Low Reach/Reach
John Hopkins U: High Match/Low Reach
Stanford U: Reach
Yale U: Reach</p>

<p>Being #1 in your class will look good on any application, most notably for the UCs. Your SAT scores and ECs are pretty solid. I wouldn't be surprising to see you get into any of the schools you're applying to, except maybe Yale and Stanford just because they are so ridiculously competitive (I feel like Chicago is close to that as well, but if your essays are good, they focus a lot on those).</p>

<p>"ELC will help you get into LA/Berkeley but you never know what might happen, you are more than qualified tho in my opinion "</p>

<p>Berkeley disregards ELC... pretty sure</p>

<p>^ Berkeley advertises that ELC bumps your chance of acceptance to 66%, but thats probably a result of higher-end applicants.</p>

<p>On Berkeley's website, they say they take it into consideration. I'd assume it pulls some weight. Just as with UCSD, it has the same point value as low-income + first gen. (300 pts.), but I'm sure it has less weight at Berkeley/LA.</p>

<p>Bump; Any other opinions?
I'll chance back for sure!</p>

<p>ucla/berkeley- match, in at ucsd, reach for jhu, far reach for jhu, stanford, yale and chicago
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<p>Is Chicago a lot harder to get into than I thought it was? I thought it was only moderately more difficult to get into than Berkeley?</p>

Stanford- Reach
Yale- Reach
Pomona-low reach/match
Chicago-low reach
Hopkins-low reach </p>

<p>"I've even known some people with 2300's getting rejected from Berkeley"
I know, like maybe me - chance me back
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