Chace Me Please !

<p>Just wondering what you think my chances are. Btw I applied tot he Marshall School:</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.45 UW (one of the most rigorous and prestigous private high schools in the country) First semester senior year GPA: 3.75
-ACT: 33
-Had an interview which went very well
-Took tour of campus
-Good essays</p>

4-year Varsity Baseball Player, 2 year captain, team MVP, 1st team all-league
3-year Business Club president
2 year jv soccer, 2 year varsity soccer
4 year president of weight lifting club
2 year teen leader of jewish youth philanthropy
3 year member of conservative club
2 year coach at baseball camp</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
Spanish literature
AP Gov.
AP Enviro</p>

<p>AP scores: 4 on Bio (school only allows students to take 2 AP's a year)</p>

<p>looks pretty good :slight_smile: the gpa is a little low atm, but if u could pull of a 4.0 this last semester or another 3.75+ that might help… :slight_smile: marshall is pretty tough, but u never know, i guess scoreswise ur pretty much there, or around there… so it will come down more to essays etc i think… but yea… get the gpa up! send letters of your progress to the admissions people to both show interest and to show them ur working hard…
trust me man, its just another semester, just **** everything and ace all ur classes :stuck_out_tongue: its USC baby, its gonna be soooo worth it :D</p>

<p>You look like you’ll get in. Those EC’s are top notch. Bi’hatzlikhah</p>