chace me !!!! UCs!!!!!!

<p>asian male(permanent residence) lived in california
first generation to college
low income</p>

<p>UC GPA:3.55-6
SAT: 1st time 1600 2nd time 1650
SAT2s: Korean 800 Math2c 650</p>

Varisty tennis 10-12th grade
mentorin kids 9-12th 200+ hrs
helpin church community 200+ hrs</p>

<p>chance for UCSD, UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCSC, and UCR! </p>

<p>Took 3AP courses, 3 honors, and 3 community college courses durin 10-11th grade
SAT score1650: 430R 540W 690M
if this helps :[</p>

if you got into ucsd,ucd,ucsb or ucr you would have found out by now if you had got n</p>

<p>sry i forgot to mention that i am a junior...
im a junior right now:]</p>

<p>get ur SAT up to 2050+ and u should be good for the lower-tier uc's for sure....i have around 2100 sat and so far i have gotten into all the ucs to which i applied</p>