Chaces at purdue, UIUC, ga tech and UMich

<p>I will chance back!!!
I am a senior from Colorado, and have applied to all these schools.
- my W GPA is 3.65 and UW is 3.4
- I have taken 15 AP and honors classes. AP's are weighted at my school while honors are not
- I have a 30 composite act with a 31 in math (30 English and science and 29 reading). I also have a 10 on the writing portion
- I have 75-100 CS hours and started a tutoring club at my school. I have played baseball and tennis and have had a job since sophomore year, working 40 hours in the summer and 25 during the week</p>

<p>Also, do scores that say they will superscore the act definitely do it?
All responses are appreciated!!!!</p>

<p>please reply!! I will chance back!</p>

<p>You will probably get purdue. I know I did with way less qualifications. Idk much about the other schools though. Good luck</p>