Challenging school

<p>What is a challenging school, an average B/A student could get into?</p>


<p>need some more stats... that doesnt say a lot.</p>

<p>3.2uw. 3.4w 24 act, 4 sports some of which I've played since the age of 6. Own my own company. Varsity on all. Assistant Captain in hockey. FBLA President. Senior year I plan on taking a hard course schedule, with 6ap's. Im also taking macro and mico econ self-study this year.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>


<p>St. Lawrence U
St. Micheal's
Wheaton C (MA)
Hobart & William Smith
Skidmore C
Sarah Lawrence
Manhattanville C
Furman U
University of the South
Loyola (IL)
DePaul U
Manhattan C
Ithaca (sic)
Lewis & Clark
USouth Dakota</p>

<p>If you are interested in liberal arts colleges, then I would add Kalamazoo College, Beloit College, Knox College and Cornell College. All of these schools are known to have strong, challenging academic programs. You would have a decent shot at being accepted to all of them, as well. They are all different (for example, Cornell College has block scheduling; Kalamazoo has required off campus study) from each other, so I would check out their websites to see if any of them appeal to your sensibilities.</p>

<p>Good luck with your search.</p>