Champlain college law major

I see threads here about Champlain, but I haven’t seen anything about their law program, how competitive is it, experiences, etc

What do you mean, law?
Prelaw is an intention, not a major. To go to law school you need a major that requires a lot of writing (English, history, political science, philosophy…), a very high GPA, volunteering and activities, and a high LSAT.

You need a high GPA and high LSAT. It doesn’t matter what the major is; it could be math, science or engineering. ECs are not important, though post-college work experience may be a plus for a few of the top tier law schools. While law school and practice involve writing, writing does not need to be a significant part of the undergrad major.

Champlain College offers a law major as an undergrad, which is what I’m talking about they also have a 4+2 JD program partnership with NYLS.


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To find a job as a lawyer, you need to get into your flagship’s law school or a top 20 (ideally top 14) law school.
Email 3-4 of these law schools, providing the link above, and ask them whether they’d consider graduates from such a program.
Also email law schools in Quebec and Nova Scotia, since lawyers are actually in demand in Canada (especially if you’re bilingual, ie., French/English).

However, the partnership with NYSL is not a good one, since the school is so poorly ranked as to be almost pointless in helping you get a job.
You COULD get a BS in Law such as described on the Champlain website and look for a job as a paralegal. Those are rarer than they used to and, due to supply/demand effect, now tend to recruit people with Bachelor’s.

Hi @roseaclu, thanks for reaching out! I messaged you back as well. While advice on here is helpful, I recommend reaching out to our program director as well. He’s had an extensive law career and could speak to you more about the difference between a pre-Law track and what our program provides. What sets you apart in our program is that you will build the strong skill sets mentioned earlier in this thread, but you’ll also have coursework and field experience specifically within the law field - torts, contract law, and others - that will make you exceptionally well prepared as you head towards the path of law school. The program gives you options - you could pursue the partnership with NYLS, which also includes strong scholarship opportunities for both the program and housing; you could also do some work as a legal professional. As mentioned, there’s a significant demand for paralegals and legal professionals, so this is an option some students choose to pursue.

Feel free to post on here or message me back if you’d like for me to connect you with our program director, Eric. He’d be able to get in much more extensive detail! I will also reach out to him to see if he can provide any further information that I can share here on this thread.