Chance 2016

HS Senior at public high school in NY
97/98 average GPA since 9th grade (on a scale up to 100; not weighted)
Ranked 6th in class (200+ people; pretty competitive)
SAT I - 1860
ACT - 28, like 29 on the super score
AP World History (3)
Took a pre-AP English course
AP US History (5)
AP Physics B (4)
AP English Lit (3)</p>

<p>Applying to CAS</p>

<p>Senior course load: AP Biology, AP English Language, AP Calculus AB, AP US Government, Psychology, Spanish (Spanish and Psychology are UHS (University in the High School) courses, which is a NY state program that gives college credits to some NYS colleges)</p>

<p>Prospective Major: Political Science or History</p>

<p>Recommendations: One from guidance counselor, two from two teachers Junior year (AP US and AP Physics teacher) which should all be good.</p>

-Varsity Swimming, grades 9-12, captain senior year
-JV/Varsity Track and Field, grades 10-12
-National Honor Society, grades 11-12
-Students Helping Students(tutoring program between the middle school and the high school), grades 9-12, secretary junior year, president senior year</p>

<p>Academic Awards:
-Principals List/High Honors throughout all of high school
-AP Scholar with Honor (3.75 AP average on 4 AP exams)</p>

<p>Also, I have a sibling who currently attends Boston College, so maybe that will help as well.</p>

<p>Dear msc1994 : Page 33 of the Boston College Fact Book shows that New York has the second highest number of applications for admission, second only to Massachusetts itself with an acceptance rate of 36% for the Class of 2014. Now, look at page back (Page 32) and you will see that the 25th percentile for the last five classes has been 1900 or higher. So, coming from a heavily represented state with a bottom quartile (1860) board score puts you behind the eight-ball to start.</p>

<p>However, those statistics aside, your AP curriculum appears solid along with your grade point average. [Can you share which High School you are attending?] The AP scores you are showing combined with your GPA do not add up to the board scores you are offering here. Your numbers provide a highly mixed picture.</p>

<p>Offering a bit more about Students Helping Students might be interesting to demonstrate leadership skills. Are there specific elements here being discussed in your essay?</p>

<p>Sibling attendance at Boston College carries zero weight with the admissions team. They say this during the visit sessions and we can tell you hand over heart that it is true.</p>

<p>In closing, if we could simply block out your SAT/ACT scores, this would be a slam-dunk acceptance; what were your sectional scores that could cause concern with your aptitude to handle the BC core?</p>