Chance a Brown transfer

<p>I ended up being a big underachiever in high school. I didn't care about doing to college and let my bullies and apathetic attitude run my life. </p>

3.1ish UW GPA
4 APs 4 Honors
EXTREMELY involved in school- joined every club I could, had an internship, and gained 300+ comm. service hours
SAT: 2250
It was a highly ranked pubic hs known for its rigorous academics.</p>

<p>UMASS amherst:
GPA: 3.9
Very involved on campus- pres. of a club- started another
I have published a number of my writings and have sent a move out to publishers. I hope to majoring history and creative writing.</p>

<p>Schools where I will be applying:
1.) Brown (my now true love. I understand that it's transfer admission rate is close to its freshman admittance rate as well, so that's a plus.)
2.) Columbia
3.) U Chicago
4.) Cornell/ UPenn
5.) Northwestern
6.) Williams/ Amherst/ Smith
7.) Scripps
8/) Harvard
9.) Rice
10.) Brandeis</p>

<p>Who the fuc.k knows. My brother transferred from a community college to Cornell. Anything's possible. Brown accepts maybe 10% of transfers, and most will be coming from more prestigious schools than zoomass, but just go for it.</p>

<p>That's not very helpful.</p>

<p>I know posting something on a forum is a LOT different than submitting an application, but as a "writing" interest applicant, I hope you take more care in proofing your essays than your posts! (I'm a terrible writer, so I know I shouldn't criticize. It's just that your background made your errors stand out.)</p>

<p>Jeez leaving the #7 party school in the nation? lol jk </p>

<p>I think your chances at Brown are very slim if you're a sophomore transfer. This is because one small semester of college is not enough to completely mitigate 4 years of a lackluster high school record. If you keep up a 3.9 through your sophomore year and NOT apply for financial aid (Brown is need-aware for transfer, I hope you know that) I think you would have a good chance.</p>

<p>Wait.....aren't you a high school junior! Damn, you should at least have the decency to make a new account name on CC LOL</p>

<p>You are clearly intelligent if you scored a 2250 on the SAT, and have a 3.9 at Umass. However, from what I have heard a lot of weight is placed on your high school record, so you seem to be at a disadvantage. Perhaps try to explain your low high school grades in the additional information section, because colleges do like to see improvement. </p>

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