Chance a C+/B- Average Student! I'll chance ALL back!

Hey guys so here’s the deal:
2.85 UW GPA 3.4 GPA (top half percentile)
29 ACT
Numerous ECS: Model UN Pres, Indian Student Association Pres, numerous awards in sci oly, Spanish Honors, 200+ hours volunteering at a hospital, 100+ as a tutor,
Reccomendations: Excellent
Essays: Pretty Good

Please chance me! I’m looking into a health management/public health major in the following schools (disregard finances for now): Loyola Chicago, UIC, Purdue, DePaul, Indiana, and Marquette.

Chance and I’ll chance back :slight_smile:


come on guys help a fellow college-confidentialer here :frowning:

Are u a state resident of Illinois or Indiana? And with a 2.85 GPA, what subject were u tutoring for 100+ hrs?

Oh no your GPA! :frowning: Hopefully you were staying on track of your stuff and if not you better pick your game up!!! Your extracurriculars do look great (200+ volunteering at a hospital??? Wow!). I think you have the highest chance and will most likely be accepted into Loyola Chicago, however, it’s definitely worth applying to DePaul, UIC, and Indiana. It might be unlikely you get into Purdue and Marquette, but you should apply to them as reach schools! Maybe in the off chance your extracurriculars and courses are exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll get in.

Good luck and keep us updated on your app!

I’m guessing you’re a senior??

@wakhan98 I would definitely apply to all of these schools if you’re interested.
I think Indiana university and Loyola might be your best chances.

Unfortunately, your GPA is less than stellar, but don’t be completely discouraged!!! Your ACT is pretty good, especially in comparison for the averages at some of the schools you’re interested in. (Loyola’s average ACT is 20, IU’s average is about 22) so your 29 will pull above some others!

Since your GPA is on the lower end, If I were you, I might be inclined to add a few more schools to your list you could consider safeties!

Chance back?

What’s your parents’ budget?
Do you want to stay in the Midwest?

You need some safeties, 2 universities where you’re sure you’ll get in (so, good universities for B- students), that you like, and that are within budget.
UIC = safety?
Loyola Chicago, DePaul, Indiana = match
Purdue, Marquette = reaches/unlikely

Look into UDayton, John Carroll-OH, Capitol-OH, Creighton, U-Wisconsin GreenBay, U-Wisconsin Milwaulkee, Iowa State, SIU…

Hey guys thanks for the responses! Fortunately, I’m not too worried about the budget. I’m an Illinois resident, I tutored Spanish and English, and yes I do have safeties! North Central College, Southern Illinois Carbondale, NIU and Benedictine are my safeties for now! Loyola is my top choice as of now!

And yes I understand my GPA is low :frowning: there’s a slight downward trend and it totally is my fault, partly due to laziness. I think I did a pretty good job of explaining in my essays, however, and hopefully my ACT will somehow save me even though I wish I had just gotten a point or two higher!

DO NOT explain downward trends in your essays! Use your essays to “showcase” your strengths and personality.
See if your guidance counselor wishes to address your GPA but, since it’s due to laziness, it’s best left alone.
Your safeties are good, so now I’d add a couple more matches.
I would suggest your read the (very entertaining) thread by LBad96, who had similar stats as yours and chornicled his college journey… He ended up at the perfect university for him (one you may want to look into, actually, especially if like him you’re full pay!)

Your unweighted GPA is low for UIC and the weighted is about average. The ACT score is above average. The issue is that UIC values GPA over ACT scores. In general, they don’t look at recommendations for regular undergraduate admissions.

Have a plan. You have 4 safeties which you will probably get in to. So keep those in your pocket and reach. So go for those high matches and reach schools. If you really like a reach give it your best shot. Demonstrate strong interest and apply ED if possible. Write a great essay. Meet with school reps etc.

Im guessing you go to IFS @wakhan98