Chance a Chemistry major??

<p>Sex: Female
Race: White
US Citizenship: Yes
Parent's Marital Status: Divorced (almost 12 years)</p>

<p>High School: Competitive, Public
Other: summer@brown course - Laboratory Research in Biomedicine
GPA: 94.21
Rank: N/A
SAT: 760CR 760M 660W 1520/1600 // 2180/2400
SAT II Chemistry: 740
SAT II US: 710
SAT II Math Level 2: 660
^Probably retaking math in October
AP Chem: 4
AP Language: 4
APUSH: 4</p>

<p>High School Courses:
Freshman Year:
Bio H
Italian 2
Global History 1H
English 9H</p>

<p>Sophomore Year: (Don't even ask me how I fit all of this in my schedule)
Chem H
Trig/Algebra II H
Italian 3
Global History 2H
English 10H
Chamber Choir
Science Research</p>

<p>Junior Year:
AP Chem
Pre-Calc H
College Level Italian
AP English Language
Science Research</p>

<p>Senior Year:
Physics H
AP Calc AB
AP English Lit
AP Economics (Micro and Macro)
Science Research</p>

Stage Crew: 9,10, 11, 12 * Leadership position starting in 11
NHS: 10, 11, 12
Newspaper: 11, 12 *2 leadership positions starting in 11
Veterans History Project: 10, 11, 12
Hospital Volunteer: 11, 12
Peer Tutoring: 9, 10 ,11, 12</p>

SAT Tutor: August - Present</p>

<p>Recommendations: Excellent! My SciRe teacher (3 years), my AP Chem teacher<em>possibly</em> (2 years), and my English teacher (1 year+Newspaper advisor) plus my school counselor loves me!
Essay is coming along rather nicely! I have 3 or 4 written and in the edit process!</p>