Chance a CO student for NYU Steinhardt, U Wash Seattle, Boston University, and others

<p>GPA: 3.4 W, 3.2 UW. Incredibly low, I know, but some extenuating circumstances which will be explained in my common app and in counselor rec affected my first semester of freshman year very negatively. Without that first semester, it is about a 3.7 UW and a 3.9 W.</p>

<p>ACT: 30
SAT: Haven't taken yet, expecting a 1900-2150 based on practice tests.</p>

<p>AP/Honors Courses:
-AP Human Geography - sophomore, B/A, 4 on test
-AP Literature - junior, B/C, 5 on test
-AP Psychology - A/A, 4 on test
-English I Honors - freshman, F/A (extenuating circumstances affected F)
-English II Honors - sophomore, B/A
-College Algebra and Trigonometry (dual enrollment course with local college) - senior
-AP Studio Art - senior
-AP Government - senior
-AP Language - senior
-AP Biology - senior</p>

<p>*my senior year courseload is ALL AP/Honors with the exception of newspaper, which I am the editor in chief of.</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:</p>

<li>Editor-In-Chief of Newspaper, served on staff 3 years, leadership roles for 2.</li>
<li>Team captain of Speech and Debate, 3 years, leadership roles for 2. Qualified for state all years applicable, and placed the last (junior year).</li>
<li>Link Crew Leader/Peer Mentor, 2 years</li>
<li>National Art Honor Society, 2 years. Organized several community service projects for this surrounding serving children through our art.</li>
<li>Worked with local district's water conservation education initiative and traveled to elementary schools educating fourth graders about how our water cycle works and how we can conserve using child friendly presentations.</li>
<li>Organized hygiene drive to serve metro area domestic violence shelter.</li>
<li>Volunteered with local Democrat organization. Canvassed, make phone calls, mail things, etc.</li>
<li>Work a part-time job as a waitress at about 15 hours a week.</li>
<li>Shadowed a lobbyist</li>

National AP Scholar</p>

<p>School: Good public school in the middle of suburbia. 75% move on to a four year institution, with the majority matriculating to state schools. Occasional kid goes on to a top school (USC, U Chicago, Barnard, NYU, just to name the ones from the class of 2011).</p>

<p>Class profile: Most kids are not very smart. I am above average in my class even with that GPA, and my ACT is through the roof compared to my peers. My school offers a decent amount of AP's and I have taken most of them.</p>

<p>Recommendations: Counselor's should be good and teacher recs should be excellent. I have a lot of teachers I have gotten to know very well that appreciate my work ethic and have a lot to say about how I've matured.</p>

<p>Essays/supplements: Excellent.</p>

<p>Financial Aid: My parents can shoulder about 60% of the burden. I am applying.</p>

<p>White and female.</p>

<p>Please chance me for the following schools....</p>

<li>NYU Steinhardt ED2</li>
<li>U Wash - Seattle</li>
<li>Boston University</li>
<li>University of Vermont</li>
<li>George Washington</li>
<li>Syracuse University</li>
<li>CU Boulder</li>

<p>(question... I am from Colorado, will that give me a greater chance at U Wash?)</p>

<p>my friend Alex got into NYU business school, she had a 3.6/4. Your EC's are insane, and classes impressive. Your stats are good for all but Boston and George Washington, GPA being the only contributing factor to this. But a lot of admissions commitees focus more on the classes on your transcripts instead of just the numbers. (deans of admissions for Tulane and Rice both told me) Good luck!!!</p>

<p>I think you're good for basically all of those schools</p>

<p>Great ECs!! Especially organizing stuff for your community - good initiative :)</p>

<p>GPA is sorta low, but if you're explanation is good - then good for you.</p>

<li>NYU Steinhardt ED2 - High match / low reach</li>
<li>U Wash - Seattle - in</li>
<li>Boston University - high match</li>
<li>University of Vermont - in / safety</li>
<li>George Washington - high match </li>
<li>American - in</li>
<li>Syracuse University - high match</li>
<li>CU Boulder - in</li>

<p>best of luck!
PS thanks for the chance :)</p>

<p>I'm more concerned about U Wash because they don't take letters of rec and it seems like they emphasize the unweighted GPA on the application. I already know I'm in to CU Boulder because I'm high enough on the selectivity index... it's this weird law that colorado has for all its public state schools. So I don't know why I even included that haha.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of your input!</p>