Chance a college bound senior

<p>Long story short, just like many others I messed up my first year and a half in high school. I refuse to blame it on anyone but myself (everyone has problems) and realized I needed to grow up. Anyway..</p>

<p>Freshman year GPA. Somewhere in the 1's?</p>

<p>Sophomore year GPA high 1 to low 2</p>

<p>Junior year GPA low to mid 3</p>

<p>30 or so hours of community service between this
Lacrosse since sophomore year and Swim Junior year.
Investing club senior year
(Hoping to establish my own business as well in the near future!)</p>

<p>Senior year 3.9 or a little above 4 weighted (Ap micro and Psychology 101 at local community college). </p>

<p>So at this point I'm looking at community college. I believe considering that I didn't work as hard as many of my peers my entire high school career I have no right to complain about this. Anyway, if at the end of my senior year, as well as one year of community college (3.8 or above GPA) what types of colleges am I looking at. I've considered rutgers after this, and my counselor said considering the major change it's a good possibility. But I want more than just my local state school (Even though it's pretty good IMO), is this possible after a year at CC or will I need more.</p>

<p>Thanks for taking the time to read and good luck with everyone elses college aspirations!</p>