Chance a crappy Indian for good schools

<p>No Rank
44/45 IB predicted
SAT I: 2250-2300
SAT II: 2x 800
Awards: mainly math
Leadership: lots
ECs: lots and good
Applying to: Ivies</p>

<li>My SAT score is not that good but I bombed the essay. I am retaking for the 4th time, unfortunately, in order to get a 10+ on the essay which should ensure that I get over 750 in the Writing section (I do very well on the multiple choice) and get a 800 in Math. It should help me get a 2250+ (1520+ M/CR).</li>

<p>Based on your honest chances, I need to decide whether I should apply ED to Wharton or Cornell (where I have significantly higher chances of acceptance).</p>

<p>I think apply ED to Cornell.
Cornell is amazing and due to your SAT score, HYP and Wharton will be a little bit tougher.
Amazing Extracurriculars!</p>

<p>Okay, I would have A LOT more respect for you if you didn't consider yourself "crappy", because that just seems arrogant. I'm an Indian with significantly lower scores than you although they are good, and I never consider myself "crappy". Don't try and consider yourself "crappy" and then throw all these stats and ECs at us and expect us to say, "OMG YOU ARE NOT CRAPPY! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG :D", because we're not.
Honestly, I hope you don't get into those schools based on your arrogance.</p>

<p>With that being said, your stats can get you into those schools, but they are crapshoots, so make sure your essays and recs are great.</p>

<p>You really shouldn't take the SATs four times, to be perfectly honest. Your other stats are excellent, and trying to raise your writing score is irrevelent and unnecessary. I think you should apply ED for Wharton; they have a pretty high acceptance rate, and your extra-curriculars are pretty good. Why do you list gym on your resume?</p>

<p>Well I put a lot of hours into it and it is something I am really into so I thought it might be there. I will remove it if you guys think it won't be of help. What do you think?</p>

<p>I think I should emphasize my business in the application so here are some specifics:
I created a business which aims to utilize glass to create environmentally friendly household appliances because there are no mainstream glass recyclers in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we utilized a local design competition to win our way to a expo in China where we promoted our product. I am in charge of the economic/business decisions and my friend, a co-founder, is the head of design.</p>

<p>Bro, weren't you the same that posted this exact same thing like 10 times before? Everything's stellar except SAT I's which I'd suggest bumping to a 2200+ for UPenn, but other than that, EC's and rest truely make up for it.
It's well under a reach for you at Cornell, and less than a reach for UPenn as well (better than normal chances). The rest are the same as Cornell, except HYP which are crapshots for everyone (though if I were in your shoes, I'd apply too)</p>

<p>Aur Hindi pelhi bhasa? Kya ek Uttar Pradeshi? Madya Pradeshi?
JW I'm Indian too.</p>

<p>I'm from Delhi. Do you think I should take it a 4th time? I reckon I can get a score close to 2300 but it would require a 4th attempt.</p>

<p>Also, what do you think about my business?</p>

<p>Nice lol.
Though yeah, go ahead. You honestly don't THAT much more than a 2200 for UPenn. What you have can probably get you into Cornell, maybe even Cornell AEM.</p>

<p>What is AEM? I am applying to Wharton and from what I hear, the admission rate is lower than that of Harvard, so I thought that any international would require over 2300 to even really qualify unless he/she had some major hook.</p>

<p>Wharton (UPenn) - ED- Good chances
University of Chicago - EA- Dont know
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Rolling Decisions (send early)- In
Cornell - ED (if not Wharton)- Great chances
UC Berkeley- Probably in
Johns Hopkins- Nice chances
Emory- Probably in
Carnegie Mellon- Probably in
Possibly HYP- No one knows, but u really have a chance</p>

<p>Carresh, is that inspite of my low SAT score for Wharton and Cornell (well I guess they only consider M+CR so that's ok)?</p>

<p>cornell only looks at math and reading, while penn looks at all sections (i think). I think you can get into cornell and maybe penn without aid.</p>

<p>What about Cornell Regular Decision? If I have a decent chance at Wharton I will apply Early decision and go for Cornell regular decision.</p>

<p>SAT too low.
Apply ED to Cornell.
Why risk your chances?
Cornell RD is a little harder than ED.</p>

<p>How much would be a good SAT score for Wharton, lebron?</p>

<p>Hey JebarPolsky :)</p>

<p>I would say 2250+.
To be sure, 2300+</p>

<p>Would that be superscore or single sitting? I can get above 2250 super-score without much difficuly IF I nail the essay. With a good essay I can get above 760 or so in Writing and adding a 800 in Math and 720 in CR it would be around 2280-2300. But, a 720CR is good, for me, so it might just drop so that 2280 might be a super-score.</p>

<p>Also, do you think I should mention 'Gym' under the extra-curriculars because I have dedicated so much time to it (around 2000 hours by application time) or would it seem ludicrous?</p>

<p>How is a 1490/1600 a bad score? </p>

<p>I'd say you're in a good position for all of them thanks to your strong curricular activities..</p>

<p>I am not really disappointed with the 1490, on the contrary I am somewhat happy because I can still push that to 1520. The only thing I am disappointed with is my Writing score, which was a 670 with a -3 and a 8 essay. I was disappointed because I've seen people get 700s with -7 and 10, and because I did so well in the practice tests (770+ for most because of 0 or -1 in MC).</p>