Chance a deferred ED'er Please?

<p>Hoping some people could chance me now that my mid-year report is in, other than that nothing has really changed...</p>

<p>Applied to ILR ED and deferred
Ethnicity - white
Gender - male
State - Delaware
SAT - 2160 640M 800CR 720W
SAT II - 700 Literature, 700 USH, 600 Math I
GPA: 3.76 unweighted and around 4.1 weighted for grades 9-11 and this year's grades aren't added into those figures yet but so far they are -
AP Chem: 97
AP Psych: 96
AP Lit: 98
AP USH: 96
Spanish 4: 98
College Prep Prob Stat: 100
(altogether weighted thats like a 4.36 for the year)
Class rank: ughhhhhh 25/202, with my grades this year it will go up a lot... unfortunately we don't rerank midyear
Most rigorous curriculum for my school - 5 AP's, 4 years of language, 4 business classes, 1 CP Math class and the rest honors (I took Pre-Calc last year) </p>

<p>Extracurriculars: President of Class for 1 year
Cross Country Captain
Track and Field - 3 varsity letters and captain this year
Business Professionals of America Treasurer - also won at state competition and placed 9th out of 24 at Nationals
Volunteer at Hospital for around 40 hours
Other volunteering like soccer camp for the handicap and etc about 60 hours
Foreign Language Activity Group Member
National Honor Society</p>

<p>Also how many people get guaranteed transfers? I would be almost just as happy getting that, though I know my chances still aren't the best.</p>

<p>For GT, about 1500 kids get it (Cornell</a> Administrators Dispute New York Times Transfer Article | The Cornell Daily Sun). Contract colleges accepted 17xx students last year out of 77xx students last year. So about 1/4 of the applicants get accepted, the other 1/4 get GTs (way too many imo).
I can tell you right now your chances for regular don't look too good - your class ranking really brings you down.</p>

<p>^Is it because OP is outside of the Top 10%? I got in ED and my class rank was only 5 places higher- 20/202 just inside the top 10%. (My CR/M SAT score was 80 points higher though)</p>

<p>Yes if you are unhooked, being out of top 10% pretty much brings your chances close to nil unless you are super, super amazing (as in 2400, winning many national competitions, that kind of thing)
If not for that OP would have had a good shot at ED</p>

<p>Being in top 10% doesn't really help - it's a basic requirement. Being in top 5% helps a bit. Being val/salutorian helps out a lot.</p>

<p>Yeah it is a shame we don't re-rank as I'm pretty sure I would be top 10% now, since everyone else for the most part is doing poorly in several classes. GT would be amazing too but I won't get my hopes up (don't feel like I'm that lucky). Oh well, I guess I'll find out in April. I'm kind of worried about this issue for other schools too but I guess the regular transfer option is always there if it really comes down to that...</p>