Chance a desperate senior !!!!

SAT 2: chem, math 2, span. (all 800's)
ACT: 35
GPA:3.0 W (dismal, i know)-- due a many health and family issues during sophomore year which killed my GPA--- will explain in essays
AP: 13 AP's so far most self studied because my school doeasn't offer them. -- all 5's</p>

<p>Major Awards: AIME 5x qualifier, USAMO 4x qualifier, IMO (silver medal), IBO, IchO, IphO (all gold), AMC 8/10/12: perfect scores, USABO, USACO, USAPO (physics not philosophy)
Intel ISEF-- semifinalist, Siemens Westinghouse-- grand prize winner in 2009 competition</p>

Rbotics, math club, science olympiad( all pres. and founder). Soldering Sonograms for the Navy, Volleyball ( played at the olympics and am the junior world champion), Jeans for Japan (founder)-- donated pairs of jeans to japan after its earthquake, Designed an architectural plan for the capital of India after it experienced floods</p>

<p>Race: Indian
Sex: M
International but live in CA </p>

<p>I really really want to attend rice but am afraid my GPA wont let me. I have been passionate about everything that I have done in high school and will try my best to let that show on my essays. I had a heart transplant when I was very young and during sophomore year I got very very sick because of it including family troubles to top that off.
PLease tell me my chances!! Will chance back</p>

<p>It sounds like you have a good plan (essays) to explain your soph year fallen grades. You've achieved great honors over the years. Your tests scores are excellent and you have shown ample leadership talent. Your determination is commendable and I wish you good health and much luck.</p>

<p>I would be really curious to know what your GPA breakdown was during your freshman, junior, and this first marking period ((projected) in your senior year? You have one of the most interesting profiles that I have seen. Personally, I'd be a little more surprised if you did NOT get accepted than if you did. </p>

<p>I, too, wish you good luck and good health!</p>

soph: 1.66-2.0 ( i forget)
junior: 3.0
sen. All a's and 1 b so far</p>

<p>They do not look at the GPA in a vacuum. In the case of extenuating circumstances (which it sounds like you had), they make exceptions. Make sure your GC sends them a letter explaining it; this will help at lot.</p>

<p>So glad that Antarius added his wise comment -- a letter from your guidance counselor/college advisor would greatly support your personal explanation.</p>