Chance a Disheartened RD Applicant PLease ::(

<p>SAT:700 CR 790 M 710 W
SAT II: 800 Math IIC; 750 Chemistry; 750 Bio M</p>

<p>GPA: 3.5 unweight 4.0 weight
Rank: my school doesn't have one....saying that it's cutthroat as is
AP: 5 AP classes by the time i graduat; chem, bio, ap us, lang, calc ab</p>

<p>Location:Plainsboro NJ.....its 5 min away from Princeton NJ</p>

<p>High School Type: EXTREMELY competitive....consistently top 10 public school of NJ
Ethnicity: South Korean :) but born in boston with US citizenship
Gender: Male</p>

Monroe EMS Squad - volunteering as certified EMT-B
Boys XC
Pit Orchestra
Band Head Librarian
Alto Sax in Sax Choir
Tennis - tournament
Relay for Life Committee</p>

National Merit Semifinalist - so far...hopefully finalist
AP Scholar</p>

Went to Bolivia over summer for missionary work :p</p>

<p>Please chance me for regular decision....i got rejected from Northwestern but I'm looking forward to the new chances i now have :)</p>

<p>on the side note, can anyone tell me what exactly oxford college is in relation to emory? should i apply for both? any harm in doing so?</p>

<p>Your stats seem good to me but don't see us as the people who will evaluate your application. For one thing DO NOT BELITTLE YOURSELF AT ALL; put your mind and soul into your app. Applying to both emory and oxford is a win-partial win situation. if you dont get into emory, your chances are always much greater at oxford. You can even apply to both for one price. I see no point in you doubting yourself, apply to anywhere u can possibly can apply.</p>

<p>thanks riki :)</p>

<p>anyone else please???</p>

<p>btw I changed my application to ED II :)</p>

<p>your SAT is really strong, your weighted GPA is all right.
nat'l merit def helps.
you have really diverse ECs which is different but good.
the building churches deal is pretty typical though.
is there any EC that youre exceptionally good at? or leadership stuff?</p>

<p>You will definitely be competitive in the EDII pool. I think you have a great shot at admission. Just definitely make your "Why Emory?" essay tell why you belong at Emory over another candidate. </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>For a candidate like you, it could come down to your essay and what you have to say for yourself as a human being after 17 or so years...your stats are right on par with the top 50% at Emory, so it's really about distinguishing yourself.</p>

<p>Oxford 99% in. Emory 80% in with a good essay. </p>

<p>Oxford is a two year college that is one of the nine(?) Emory colleges within Emory University.</p>