Chance a female Asian junior for ED

<p>Please chance me for ED and be as mean as possible.
Thanks so much in advance for your opinions!</p>

96 W 93UW (no ranking, probably top 10%)
my school has a weird scale- AP and Honors both get +5 but the AP version of a class is at least 2x harder</p>

<p>AP/Honors classes by year (total APs = 12)
-H Algebra 2, H Physics, H English
-H Precalc, H English 10, AP Chem; APUSH1, AP Computer Science
-AP Calc AB, AP Physics B; AP Bio; AP Lang, APUSH2
-AP Calc BC; AP Physics C; AP Lit, AP French, AP Art History, AP Econ
Got 4 on Chem and 5 on CompSci. Assume 4s and 5s on the rest of them (I haven't taken them yet)</p>

2300 (750 CR, 770 Writing, 780 Math)
Will probably take again in May/June because I should be able to get an 800 in Math and/or Writing
Chemistry: 780
Physics: 800
Math II: 780
I'm awesome at US History which I'm taking this year so assume I have 2 800's- Physics and US History</p>

<p>ECs/Awards in no particular order:
Model UN officer
NAHS co-president
State Choir
Certified EMT
Scholastic Art and Writing Silver Key
180 total volunteer hours (hospital, library, summer camp)
National Merit semifinalist
Student Council
Piano for 10 years (passed ABRSM Level 8 with merit)
Ballet for 4 years
Columbia Science Honors Program
took physics classes last summer at Columbia
Tutor 6th and 7th graders in algebra (should I even include this on my application?)</p>

<p>There are a few teachers that love me and I'm close with my guidance counselor so assume I'll have good teacher recommendations</p>

<p>I love Columbia so much (I basically go there every week for classes) but I feel like I'm not "special" enough to get in. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Are you graduating O.o?</p>

<p>I'm a junior, so... graduating next year. :)</p>

<p>Very impressive, I'd say you get a great chance. Only thing missing is Intel or Siemens semifinalist which would be 100% guaranteed in!</p>

<p>very impressive, do you go to MHS? o.O</p>

<p>Thanks a lot guys!
Bhat, which MHS? About a third of the girls in my ballet class are from the one near Princeton and we're taking similar school classes, but I live about 45 mins away from there. There are so many MHSs around here lol</p>