Chance a guy with a really low gpa but great test scores?

<p>By the time you read this, you've probably seen this same post elsewhere such as the BU section. </p>

<p>Intended school: CAS
GPA: 3.27 UW, 3.5 W (my school does not weight or rank, so do not count on my weighted GPA being correct)</p>

<p>SAT: 1600 (M+CR) / 2320 (all in one sitting)</p>

<p>SAT IIs- World History: 800, Math 2C: 800, Bio E: 800, US History: 800</p>

<p>AP: Psych, English Lang and Comp, Comp Sci, US History- All 5s, (self studied Psych)</p>

<p>I worked hard on my personal statements; my AP English Lang teacher liked the essays, and so did my AP English Lit teacher. My Honors Chem teacher (who has an MFA in some Literature) liked it as well though she was critical of my chosen topic. But that's a matter that's been taken care of. </p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
AP Physics C
AP English Lit
AP Art History
AP Calc AB/Calc C Honors
AP Gov
Spanish 3</p>

<p>ECs And Achievements:</p>

<p>As you're about to see, much of my ECs revolve around politics and trivia, which makes up the bulk of my interests. Also, you're probably going to wonder why a conservative Republican is setting foot into New England :) I don't care much for the politics around me to be honest, and I think I'll be more interested in starting a quiz bowl team at Northeastern than being involved in any political activities. So without further ado, here are my mediocre ECs: </p>

<p>Captain of Quiz Bowl Team (I share the title with another individual, but I do most of the organization of tournaments that we host or attend.)</p>

<p>Constitution Team co-captain (won't tell you how our team did at Nationals, but we did well)</p>

<p>Vice President of the Young Republicans</p>

<p>President of Pre-Law Society</p>

<p>I regularly volunteer at a nonprofit for veterans of the Iraq War, approx. 350 hours so far </p>

<p>FBLA Treasurer</p>

<p>If your essays are good, I think you really have a chance. Your AP scores show that you know something but... Perhaps use your application to justify the lower GPA?</p>

<p>Your GPA isn't even that low. Most colleges look at weighted GPAs and yours is probably higher than a 3.5 weighted because of all the APs you took. I'd say you have an excellent chance and should look at some more competitive schools.</p>

<p>you will definitely get in. I got in with a 3.46 Weighted GPA and 2130 SAT, and I got a 10,000 a year merit scholarship. You have nothing to worry about haha</p>

<p>Dude *** LOL
I did like 25% of what you did and still got in.
Idk why you're worrying</p>

<p>id say definitely in with hefty scholarship and honors.... i had worse test and better GPA but only slightly</p>

<p>yeah ur in... probably with a 17000 a year scholarship and honors... but no one can tell for sure. You aren't an NMS are you?</p>