Chance a hapless Canadian!

<p>Hi everyone! First of all, thank you for reading this thread and considering to chance me. I'm a rising senior from British Columbia, Canada, from a (generally speaking) average Catholic school. I don't know if it helps, but I was born in California and lived in the L.A. area for five years, so I happen to be a dual US-Canadian citizen. I think it'll be pretty obvious that I haven't actually started thinking seriously about college until as of late, but I consider myself something of an academically inclined person, and I'm excited about what college could hold for me in the future.</p>

<p>I really would like to go back to the US for college (and, considering my citizenship, there's a good possibility I'll end up repatriating forever), and though I'm looking at Canadian institutions like UBC, Queen's and McGill, I'd most likely rather go to a solid American university as an Arts student.</p>

<p>Basic Info:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander
GPA: We don't actually do GPA up here, and I have absolutely no idea what my grades convert to.
SAT Reasoning: 2170; CR 700, M 690, W 780, Essay 11 (I'll make the decision of whether to retake or not soon, likely with advice from CC.)
Grade 11 Average: 95%
Class Rank: We don't officially do class rank, but I'm pretty sure I have the highest average out of a class of 97.</p>

<p>Course Load:
My school offers only one AP, that being European History, which I plan to take next year.</p>

<p>Grade 10-
English Honours 10: 96% (86+ is considered an A in my province)
Principles of Mathematics 10: 96%
Physical Education 10: 78% (oh for goodness' sakes!)
Planning 10 (Province-mandated prep course for future plans): 100%
Science 10: 93%
Social Studies 10: 97%
Beginners' Spanish 11: 96%
Religion 10: 95%</p>

<p>Grade 11-
English Honours 11: 95%
Principles of Mathematics 11: 98%
Physics 11: 97%
Social Studies 11: 94%
Photography 11: 90%
Drama 11: 94%
Religion 11: 99%
Spanish 11: 98%
Choir 11 (more of an extracurricular with course credit, since practice is always before school): 91%</p>

<p>Planned Course Load for Grade 12-
Principles of Mathematics 12 (taking this one in the Summer; heck, it might help my score if I retake the SAT), AP European History, Spanish 12, Physics 12, English Literature 12, Religion 12, Guitar Studies 12, Drama 12, and Choir 12 (again, as a before-school course).</p>

<p>^By the way, I'm thinking of dropping Spanish 12 for Calculus. Not sure if that's all too good an idea or not.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (by the end of Grade 12 year):
Yearbook: 2 years
Concert Choir: 2 years
Show Choir (so-called "glee club"): 1.5 years
OLLA Service Club: 2 years
Drama ("The Outsiders," "Grease"): 2 years
Outdoor Club (more of a joke this one): 1 year</p>

<p>My awards are not particularly spectacular. I've won twice at the grade level for my school's annual Speech competition and placed in the top three the other two years. I've received two small Academic Scholarships at my school, each equivalent to one month's tuition, and a "Passport to Education Credit," which would afford me a couple of hundred dollars at a university in my province. And I've managed to stay on the Principal's list for four years running.</p>

<p>My volunteer work is admittedly negligible, being limited to whatever I've done for the Service Club, a few stints at a charity that helps immigrants, and a stint at acting for a museum.</p>

<p>Sooo, in your guys' opinion, what are my chances at the following schools? And could you recommend schools that you think might be a fit?</p>

Notre Dame
University of San Francisco
Loyola Marymount
I'm also planning to apply to a couple of relatively prestigious Canadian schools too, but I figure not to post them.</p>


<p>Hey onimpulse :)
It is so nice seeing a fellow British Columbian! I finally can recognize some courses, and Passport to Education of course :)</p>

<p>I think you have a great chance for every school in your list, especially with your dual-citizenship (so jealous). Perhaps you could find some light volunteer work over the summer (local library, etc.) because lack of it may hurt your chances slightly at the more selective choices. You are nearly guaranteed admission to any Canadian Uni, since they are very objective based (grades, etc.). Make sure you get others to proofread your essays, and highlight your uniqueness!</p>

<p>I like you. ^.^ Keep in touch!</p>


<p>Yeah, I'm so used to the BC school system that I have absolutely no idea what US courses are like. I have no idea what Algebra II means or whatever.</p>

<p>Good to know that there are other British Columbians on this board!</p>

<p>Assuming no aid needed? Good shot at all.</p>

<p>I strongly recommend liberal arts colleges in the States. Your resume is absolutely amazing and you can definitely aim like elite LACs like Amherst, Pomona, etc</p>