Chance a high school junior?

<p>Junior in small private California school (220 students, K-12). White female CA resident. Want to do mechanical engineering. Hoping to get some perspectives on my application.</p>

<p>UWGPA: 4.0
WGPA: 4.6
SAT I: 2190 (730/690/790) -- should I retake?
SAT II (so far): Biology M 780, US History 740
* Sophomore year: Biology 5, US History 5
* Jr year: Chemistry 4/5 predicted, U.S. government 5 predicted, English Language 5 predicted
* Sr year: Macroeconomics, English Lit
* Researcher at surgical/medical research company (coauthoring a textbook)
* 5th grade chemistry teacher (part-time)
* Graphic & print design director for my school (newsletter, yearbook, graduation programs, fliers, etc.)
* Contract programmer for a local software company
* Ultimate frisbee league player
* Four musical productions
* Robot construction class at the San Francisco Exploratorium
* Going to be in robotics club next year
* Went to the National Student Leadership Conference last year
* Going to Cal Poly engineering summer camp this year (hopefully)
* Won a couple of science fair awards, MVP at NSLC
* Taking physics & calculus at junior college next year</p>

<p>Are you taking any AP Math/Science classes senior year? Also, take the Math II subject test and aim for 750+. If the 790 on your SATs is for math then you don’t have to retake them (unless you want that 2200 :stuck_out_tongue: ). I can’t say you’ll get in, but your application looks outstanding and you seem to have a really good shot. Just show your personality in your application/interview! :)</p>

<p>Grades and EC’s look stellar. Show your passion and your personality in your application :)</p>

<p>They want to get to know you and see the potential burning inside of you. So share your soul and <em>why</em> you do what do you. That’s my best advice (and if you’re quirky, show that, too!)</p>

<p>Thanks for the input! </p>



<p>I’ll be taking Calculus and Physics at a community college that guarantees UC credit transfer.</p>