Chance a hopefull future wolverine

<p>Hi I would like to know what my chances are of getting in MSU so far. I am a Palestinian born in the West Bank and have lived in the USA for 15 years and am a US citizen. I live in Michigan so I'm IS. </p>

<p>I am a rising Senior in high school and have a 3.9 GPA unweighted. School doesn't weigh GPAs. I go to a small school of ~600 students and am ranked 3 out of 106 kids in my class. Our school doesn't weigh GPA's and only offers one honors class and advanced track which I'm on. I'm taking the hardest classes I can. I'm also dual enrolled at the local community college. </p>

<p>ACT score was a 27. I'm retaking the ACT in September and hopefully will get a 30.</p>

<p>I'm on the Varsity track team, National Honor Society (50 volunteer hours) Science Olympiad, attended Michigan boys state, and I took sixth in state for a project I built in class. My essays are pretty unique and personal. I have also been traveled to many countries including Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and <em>Palestine</em>. </p>

<p>What are my chances and GO BLUE!</p>

<p>Edit, Hopeful* not hopefull lol.</p>

<p>You'll almost surely get into Michigan State University ;)</p>

<p>Lol I posted this at the MSU forum also forgot to change that. How embarrassing.</p>

<p>You're a stretch. ACT is killing you, try the SAT?</p>

<p>Good luck :D</p>

<p>I a pretty sure that i have seen this thread multiple times...</p>