chance a horrible student plssss :/

<p>hi guys
i'm an international student and a first generation college student
my freshman and sophomore years were spent in a local school (of my home country), and i'm currently studying in an american international school overseas
that's why my english is not so good :P</p>

<p>please chance me for ohio state columbus, penn state UP, purdue, clemson, pittsburgh, michigan state, southern methodist university and SUNY geneseo :)
major: international studies/international relations, except for purdue-aviation management</p>

GPA: 3.3uw, weighted gpa is not used in my school
(i got all As for english,humanities and arts, but Bs and Cs for math and sciences, just as you know)
SAT: combined SAT 1560/2400 <- i know it's extremely horrible
i only happened to take it twice, and ACT is not available in where i live in
taking 3 APs -AP world hist, AP Env sci and AP Chinese (i know that's not a lot, but i aim for 5 for every AP exam)
Toefl: only took once -91/120 ,sigh....</p>

-house treasurer (a bit ironic yea? i hate math but i'm ok with handling money haha)
-joined 2 rebuilding project trips (one in indonesia, one in sichuan,china)
-60+ community service hours
-MUN best delegation award
-drummer in concert band (2 years)
-yearbook writer (2 years)
-grade 7 piano, learned piano for almost 10 years</p>

i got them from my english teacher and world history teacher
and i got As in their courses, so they should be pretty good</p>

<p>essay: should be ok, my school counselor proofread them for me</p>

<p>has shown an upward trend in the 4 years</p>

<p>i got in mills college with EA, and got rejected from pepperdine and CWRU (those are my dream schools anyways...)</p>

<p>with my awful stats
i'm not trying to get in any ivies or elite schools.....</p>

<p>thank you guys :)</p>

<p>and also chance me for U of Iowa please</p>

<p>BUMP! anyone pls??</p>

<p>Would like to help you, but I have no special knowledge of those colleges. Check to see if your grades and test scores are in at least the average range for them. Some schools may find you desirable as a full-pay international applicant.</p>

<p>I don’t know much about any of them except Clemson, which will be easy for you. Good luck :)</p>

<p>Chance me?
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<p>thanks people :slight_smile:
btw i was just accepted by u of miami yesterday!! (i found it out today) -very shocked and surprised!!</p>

<p>still, i’m aiming for some smaller schools
so do i stand a slight chance for SUNG geneseo and SMU??</p>