Chance a HS Junior for GWU--PLEASE, I need serious advice

<p>Hello, I would like to know if I have a good chance of being admitted to GWU. I'll be applying this fall. I'm visiting this April and will be sure to show that I have a big interest in GW. I'll also be interviewing in the fall.
My stats:
GPA- W: 3.8
ACT- Comp.24
AP: Lang, Government, Lit, US
Class secretary for the junior class
Most likely class sec. for senior class also
Editor in chief of school newspaper
National Honor Society
Government competition
Co-chair of school's chapter of Young Democrats of America
Member of Amnesty int.
Orchestra for 4yrs
I'm African American, so I hope that this helps.</p>

<p>Please give an honest assessment, thanks!</p>

<p>Your ECs are great, your GPA is acceptable, but your test scores are very low. The ACT test is designed for quick readers. If this is not you, consider practicing for and taking the SAT. 80% of students at GW submit the SAT. The 25th to 75th percentile of students SAT scores at GW is 1200-1380 for critical reading and math. Your score converts to a 1090-1120. Take a three hour timed practice SAT test and see what you score. Then take all the practice tests you can. Good luck!</p>

<p>Does GW count the writing on the SAT as much as reading and math?</p>

<p>Everything looks great, but your ACT is a little low. Generally speaking since that’s your only weak area it shouldn’t be a big deal, but you should try bringing that score up (or taking the SAT if you haven’t).</p>

<p>ACT is really low :frowning: but that’s okay; take a class if you can. You still have A LOT of time to improve and if you put in the effort you can see very rewarding results.</p>

<p>Retake the act or better yet, the sat. I got the same act score but a 1910 on the sat…</p>

<p>your ACT is gross. try the SAT. some people do better on it. at the very least, shoot for over an 1800 or 1900. however, something in the 2000+ range would certainly give you the best odds.</p>

<p>Hi , so i know that sat subject tests are optional in GW admission, but i’m wondering if i don’t have sat 2 scores submitted, would this lower my chance to get in ??? i’m planning to do ed in the fall …</p>

<p>@Zoidberg93 - that’s rude. </p>

<p>Your ACT score IS really low though, so try to bring that up asap. </p>

<p>@JocelynJiao - I had one SAT 2 score in (USH-620) and didnt submit the math because I got like a 500something in it. I did ED1. You’ll be fine. Even without a subject test.</p>

<p>Take SAT’s instead of ACT’s, because in a word, the ACT sucks.
Everything else looks ok, just get the scores up a little bit
Raising your gpa would also be a good thing</p>