Chance a junior for Business School!

<p>So this is what i got going for me right now:
-3.79 GPA unweighted. 4.4 weighted
-AP's and Honors junior year: AP US history, AP Environmental Science, Honors American Literature, Honors Latin 3.
-AP's Senior year (pending approval): AP Government and Politics, AP Statistics, AP Latin, AP Literature.
- 4 time NCS Athletic Scholar Award Recipient (Obtained a 3.75 GPA throught a varsity sport season)
-2050 SAT
- Wrestling all 4 years. varsity level all 4.
- Baseball for 2 years. varsity level for both years
- Will be participating in Oklahoma State Wrestling Camp over the summer
Other Extra-Curriculars:
- Drama grades 9,10 and next year also during my senior year
- Worked at a dental lab doing data entry, also worked as a plaster technician and salesperson during the summers of my freshman and sophomore years. </p>

<p>Northwestern is one of my top choices for Business school. I am also an aspiring sports promoter and marketer. I feel like Northwestern will help me realize my goals.</p>

<p>Might want to look up programs before you post. Northwestern certainly sends a huge chunk of kids on the traditional business paths and there are many startups and major companies helmed by NU grads, but there is no business school or business degree.</p>

<p>However, if you are interested in economics, industrial engineering, MMSS, the Kellogg Certificate Program, BIP, CFS, IMC certificate, I'm sure you will be quite satisfied.</p>