Chance a junior for Columbia, Duke, UVA

<p>Junior at a public school in Northern Virginia (so in-state for UVA), about 700 in my class.
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Female
Income level: Middle class, 100-200k bracket
Financial Aid: Yes
GPA: UW: 3.98, W: 4.41
SAT I: 2240, M: 800, W: 710, R: 730 (I've taken it once in March and I just took the June one. I'm aiming for 2300s this time)
SAT IIs: Chem- 750, Math II- 800
My school doesn't rank but the top 1% for the class of '10 had GPAs above 4.3</p>

Freshmen- bio hn, english hn, world hist hn, alg 2 hn, newspaper, French 2/PE.Health
Sophomore- AP World (5), Precalc hn, Chem hn, english hn, drivers ed, newspaper, French 3
Junior-AP French (I'm pretty sure I got a 3 on that one, french screwed me over), AP Chem, AP Calc BC, AP US, AP Lang, Physics hn, newspaper
Senior: AP Bio, AP Physics C, AP Gov Comp, AP Lit, multivariable calc/matrix alg., newspaper</p>

I did the Columbia summer program for genetics and molecular biology. I know that doesn't count for anything, but I'm hoping it shows that I'm really interested in the school.
Newspaper (award-winning): Copy Editor/ Managing Editor
Paid Internship this summer with Georgetown Medical Center. I'm biology and chemistry focused.
Volunteer with Red Cross, local children's art program (helped teach kids art two summers) 200 hours? I also do tutoring. I don't know if that counts for volunteering but I think that would be about 300 hours of volunteering if it counts.
Art portfolio (I'm sending in a copy to all schools). I've won some state awards for art.
Honor Societies: National, History, Math, Science, Quill and Scroll, French, English
Science Honor Society Board (we don't have presidents, its just 3 board members)
French HS officer
Hoping on Math HS president
First/second for regional science and engineering fair, did state fair. (but I don't think this counts for much)
Volleyball team at school not captain or anything though.
Model UN </p>

<p>I'm definitely applying to Columbia ED, not sure about CC or SEAS. My school doesn't send many people to Ivies (like one each year), at least one gets into Duke for each class. </p>

UVA (these are my main three that I want to get into)
William and Mary