Chance a junior for highly selective colleges please?

<p>These are the colleges I am most interested in right now:

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian
Rank: 1/600
Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 4.00/4.79</p>

<p>Sat: Not taking
ACT: 34, taking another one, shooting for 35 or 36
Sat Subject Test II
Math 2 - 800
U.S History - taking in june (Expecting at least 750)
Physics - Taking in june (Expecting around 700)</p>

<p>AP Scores
English Language - 5
US History - 5
US Government and Politics - 5
Calculus BC - 4
Physics B - 4
World History - 4
Chemistry - 3</p>

<p>Senior Course Load:
AP English Literature
AP Chinese
AP Euro History
AP Comparative Government
Honors Calculus 3
Honors Socratic Seminar
Either AP Psychology and AP Physics C or AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics

<p>Achievements outside of academics:
300+ hours for a local food drive
Vice President of Key Club. Maybe somewhere around 150 hours.
Colorado 2008 Senator (Mark Udall) Election Volunteer
Chess Club
MVP of Varsity Soccer Team - Senior Year
Tutored fellow students for free in ACT and other school subjects I have already taken. </p>

<p>Please give as much as feedback as possible. Also try to be accurate and specific; do not give broad advice such as "your extracirriculars are weak" and leave it at that. Should i try to get more community service hours? Do I need to improve my test scores such as the Subject Tests?? Comments and criticism will be appreciated so long as they are true.</p>

<p>Test scores, GPA all are really strong. You are of an overrepresented ethnicity applying to Duke, so you need to stand out. Your ECs are pretty weak. Do you have the soccer talent to play DI? do you have any chess accomplishments at state? You do not seem to have that many leadership roles, and it is really hard to see what you are passionate about.</p>

<p>I would say</p>

<p>UofC- Match- you probably will get in. Ecs seem to be less important here
Cornell- Same, probably in
Duke- match/low reach</p>

<p>Upenn and harvard will be pretty big reaches, especially harvard</p>

<p>Upenn - 25%
Harvard - 15%
Cornell - 35%
Uchicago - It's all about the essays
Duke - 30%</p>

<p>Your ECs aren't all that weak, but you will need to compensate with amazing essays. But retaking a 34? Seriously? Ugh.</p>

<p>Hey, thank you both for the advice.
As for the soccer question Mcfly, I do intend to try out for the varsity team. What do you suggest I do about my Ec's? I am pretty passionate about soccer and have no doubt showing it in either my essays or my interviews. </p>

<p>And smart.cookie, it's just because I have to take the ACT with writing. The one I took didn't have the writing feature.</p>

<p>^ Thank goodness. For a moment there I thought you were the insane, stereotypical CC kid who perpetually retakes everything...</p>

<p>for one, contact there coaches if you think you even have a chance at making their teams. let him know your interested tell him a little bit about yourself. at schools like UofC, even if your a solid player and not fantastic this could be enough to win you a pull with the coach. My problem with your app was that your interests didnt seem focused in one area. You like sports as seen from your soccer, but are also into key club, chess club, and lots of other things. If you paint yourself as a "well rounded" individual on your app then it would work.</p>

<p>Also, if you could rate my chances I would really appreciate it
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<p>i think ur set for upenn, duke, uchicago, and cornell. harvard seems to be a good chance but obviously no guarantee cause its prestigiuso like !@#$</p>

<p>In for UoC. They stress course rigour.</p>

<p>i think that you are a very strong candidate for all of the colleges you have listed the only thing i would say is to make yourself seem passionate about something really identify yourself with one field or hobby.</p>

<p>chance me back please</p>

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<p>Something which people haven't mentioned here is that you're from Colorado, which will give you a slight edge at the eastern schools. I would recommend getting some officer positions in your ECs. Something for NHS, maybe president of Key Club, and captain of soccer team.</p>

<p>I think that you don't need anymore community service hours (I think you said like 450+ hours). Since you're a soccer fanatic, just e-mail the coaches to show that you have interest in playing, this just shows stronger interst in school and may help in the end. You also have excellent GPA, class rank, and ACT/ SAT II scores!</p>

<p>Being from Colorado, I think that it will help compensate for the fact that you're an ORM. If you're passionate about soccer, have you won any tourney wards or ODP? These will help because I think that competitions/awards are helpful in the area that you are passionate about. Also, you may need more leadership positions. Remeber, essays and recs are crucial! Good luck to you and destroy that ACT! :)</p>

<p>I say in at Duke and UChicago<br>
Maybe Cornell; Waitlist at UPenn
Harvard, I think a reach </p>

<p>(these are all gut feelings, but you're a good canidate at all of these schools) ;)</p>