Chance a junior for UCs, Stanford

middle income white girl in Bay Area. I attend a very good public school

Intended Major: Either environmental science or biochemistry

ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1550 (780 RW, 770 M). I’m also taking the Bio subject test in November

GPA/Rank: 4.0 UW, 4.7 W. My school doesn’t publish rank, but having straight As is already top 2%.

Coursework: Pretty rigorous for my school, 2 APs soph year, 4 junior year, 6 senior year. biology classes taken at local community classes as well


-Winner of International Youth Research Summit w/ virtual project on air pollution

-California Science and Engineering Fair Finalist w/ project on plastic degradation

-Selected to Attend several conferences (Harvard Science Research Conference, International Youth Research Summit)

-Underclassman Award for AP Bio

-Recipient of 700 dollar research grant

-Reached elims at a handful of debate tournaments (NPDI, Stanford)

-Recognized in handful of poetry contests


-President/Founder of Students in Research Club. partnered with nonprofit to secure resources for members

-President of Debate Club, club ranked very high nationally

-Partnerships Director for a student research journal

-Researcher for a science nonprofit, involves publication

-Independent Researcher; involved in competitive science fairs for 4 years, placed at all of them

-Poetry published in handful of magazines

-Technovation coding team, will probably quit after this year

-Varsity Choir, supposed to perform in Canada but corona cancelled it :frowning:

-Varsity Track

You are on the right track but until you complete Junior year, no one can gauge your chances for these schools especially Stanford which should be considered a Reach school regardless of your accomplishments. Keep doing what you are doing which happens to make you a competitive applicant and you will have several options from which to choose once you apply.

Since the UC’s are test blind this year, most likely they will remain test blind for the following test cycle so your exceptional SAT score will not be considered.

Best of luck.