Chance a junior!! for UCs:]

<p>asian male(permanent residence) lived in california
first generation to college
low income</p>

<p>UC GPA:3.55-6
SAT: 1st time 1600 2nd time 1650
SAT2s: Korean 800 Math2c 650</p>

Varisty tennis 10-12th grade
mentorin kids 9-12th 200+ hrs
helpin church community 200+ hrs</p>

<p>chance for UCSD, UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCSC, and UCR! </p>

<p>Took 3AP courses, 3 honors, and 3 community college courses durin 10-11th grade
SAT score1650: 430R 540W 690M
if this helps :[</p>

<p>Well... on the bright side your grades are pretty good. I think you could probably get into Davis, Irvine, and maybe San Diego. Not so much UCLA or Berkely. You should REALLY try to get your SAT score up. Like REALLY!!! Or take the ACT, you sound like a Junior anyways...</p>

<p>do you think i have chance to raise my sat? im plannin to take in october:/</p>

<p>if you prep hard enough, you have a good shot! Critical Reading and Writing seem to be your weak points, so focus on shoring them up (lots of practice w/ bluebook or tutoring, or just read more books!).</p>

<p>yeah get a tutor, read the big ass book, and work your butt off until october. maybe take a course. that helped me a lot. but yeah, definitely sign up for the act's i think that you'll do better in those because theyre more for science/math people. good luck!</p>

<p>thanks alot everyone :]</p>