chance a junior please

<p>Junior-year, plan to apply next winter-->Fingers crossed, hopefully by then my GPA will bump up and i'll have more under my belt:</p>

<p>White male
GPA: 4.15
AP Classes: Everything available; hardest classes available
Rank: Top 5%
Acceptance and Enrollment in Academy of Science Magnet School (VERY RIGOROUS and selective)
SAT I: 1460/1600,(terrible I know, but I just retook it today to bump my score and im pretty sure i brought it up)
SAT II: Taking Chem, Math II, Biology in spring</p>

Varsity Lacrosse: 9th, 10th (im in 11th); varsity letter; all-academic award
Varsity Cross Country: 9th, 10th, 11th; varsity letter
Varsity Track: 11th
Creator and President of Ultimate Frisbee Club (FREAKIN AWESOME! cant wait to play in college)
Winter Running Club
Spanish National Honors Society
Biology Club
Tutoring Developmentally challenged students at Local Middle School
Volunteer at Local Free Hospital
Job at Country Club
Youth Lacrosse league COach
Teach Sunday School Classes
Mission Trips
Church Youth Group
A bunch of other stuff...</p>

<p>State Finalist for Governors School (probably going) for Life Sci. and Med.</p>

<p>Individual Research Work in Nanobiotechnology Field; fabrication of devices for tissue engineering(cool stuff)-->Definitely interested in this field as shown in research opps and other ECs; a definite hook-point in my App</p>

<p>I've applied to a numerous amount of summer programs (pre-college/internships/etc.) so hopefully one of those works out</p>

<p>Nothing too spectacular…but there is stuff I haven’t mentioned…Oh well, I’ll hope for the best!</p>

<p>any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Haha, "nothing too spectacular," don't kid yourself.</p>

<p>You have some great stats. However, if you've scoured the WashU forums recently you'll see that people with PERFECT stats get waitlisted. I would pin you as an "accepted" if it weren't for the randomness in acceptances. </p>

<p>So, I'll put you at "very good chance," but there are no guarantees with WashU.</p>

<p>early decision or regular??</p>

<p>early...almost def
regular...good shot</p>

<p>thanks for the opinions!</p>

<p>On a side note, i have heard horror stories about WUSTL grade deflation (along with JHU, Cornell) when compared with the grade inflation of the HYPS. I know that GPA and MCAt scores are uberimportant when applying for med school, which is definitely the route i'm headed for, as evidenced in my ECs/research. Any thoughts/knowledge?</p>