Chance a junior

<p>Hi. USC is one of my top choice schools so I was wondering if you could give me a realistic chance I have of getting into the school, with the stats I have so far. Thanks.</p>

<p>Advice, please. </p>


<p>I am a second semester junior and would like to know what I should do to increase my chances of getting into Stanford.</p>

<p>Stats so far:
-Catholic private school
-African-American/Korean female
-3.5 gpa (upward trend, honors and AP classes)
-Co-captain of Varsity cheer squad
-Varsity cheerleader, 1 letter, 4 awards (10th, 11th, and next year)
-Over 200 Volunteer hours with the Red Cross (9th, 10th, 11th, plus this summer)
-Catholic student leadership program at school (11th grade and next year as well)
-Volunteer to feed homeless people breakfast about once a month (11th grade)
-Chair of speakers committee for an African-American summit hosted at my school. Also organized a toy-drive and raised over 50 toys for a children's hospital by my school!
-Volunteered at a military medical training center for 60 hours (11th grade)
-Volunteered at a charity dinner that sponsors the organization where I feed breakfast to the homeless (11th grade)
-Relay for life (11th grade)
-NOLA service trip- going to Louisiana this summer with a group of kids from school to help build houses for Katrina victims!!!</p>

-12 years of piano lessons
-certified in CPR </p>

<p>Senior year schedule:
AP Language
AP Lit
AP Pyschology
Spanish 4
Intro to Calc</p>

SAT- took in May, not happy with my score..retaking in October for hopefully a 2100
ACT- taking in June, hoping for a 30
Subject tests- Math 2c, Lit, and maybe Math 1 or History for the third test...depends on how I feel on test day; aiming for mid 700s on each.</p>

<p>Plans for college:
Study pre-medicine and major in English. I plan to become an Emergency Room Doctor after college and want to do a lot of volunteer work in Africa.</p>

<p>Optimist Girl,
You asked about chances for Stanford. Your information should be posted there.</p>

<p>^ it says USC on top though</p>

<p>anyway, its good to see a lot of service and other ECs, and SAT 2100 should suffice (I got in with that). However, you might want to bring up your gpa to around at least 3.6 unweighted</p>

<p>Here's the most recent USC profile. As you'll see, you're pretty much the typical applicant, though your stats are a little low for the average admit, (if I understand your post correctly, you don't have a 2100 SAT yet, is that right?). With your URM status, ECs and strong essays, I think you have a fair chance at USC - though higher SATs and continuing the upward trend in GPA will obviously help a lot.</p>

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<p>write a stellar essay and you can make up for the GPA.
if you can do say your chances are looking good.</p>