Chance a nervous junior? (I chance back!)

<p>Hey guys! I apologize in advance that this is a novel-length post... I'm a wordy person.</p>

<p>Caucasian male, prestigious private school in Connecticut.
No financial aid necessary. </p>

<p>GPA: Large upward trend. My school does not rank, but if they did, I would be in the Top 8/85 (Top 10%).</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
English: B+
Algebra 2H: B
Spanish 2H: B+
Biology: B+
History: B
Wind Ensemble: A-</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Spanish 3H: A-
English: A
History: A
Chemistry: A
Geo/Trig: A-
Concert Choir: A-</p>

<p>Junior Year (as rigorous as it gets, except for Pre Calc):
Spanish 4H: A
English 11H: A-
AP US History: A
AP Environmental Science: A
Pre Calculus: A+
Chamber Choir: A</p>

<p>Senior Year:
AP Spanish
AP English
AP Statistics
Honors Physics
Chamber Choir
(Free block-- either an AP or a differentiating seminar)</p>

<p>High Honors Society first semester Junior Year, both semesters Sophomore Year, second semester of Freshman Year.</p>

<p>Headmaster’s List (contributes most to overall classroom learning environment) both semesters Sophomore Year.</p>

<p>Inducted into foreign language honors society at the end of Sophomore Year.</p>

<p>SAT (rough but very realistic assumptions):
720 Critical Reading
730 Math
740 Writing</p>

<p>Intended Major: Business/Economics and English (Creative Writing).</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:</p>

<p>1) I founded a literary magazine at beginning of sophomore year that donates proceeds to an organization that works to alleviate child labor in third world countries. I remain the editor-in-chief, and I’ve expanded the project to include almost 40 associate staff editors—the journal has attracted the writing of many impressive writers (see Connections section below).</p>

<p>1b) Put together a special feature about the Cuban dissident experience for my journal-- bilingual feature, featuring translating work as well as a call for action. The issue reflects nine months of research and a series of award-winning poems (see #3).</p>

<p>2) I am the runner-up for 2011 Elizabeth Bishop Prize in Verse sponsored by The Blue Pencil Online. I attended their inaugural ceremony to read my poem, which they published.</p>

<p>3) I received the 2011 Renee Duke Youth Award from Poets for Human Rights for a series of five poems about the Cuban dissident experience.</p>

<p>4) I received a gold key for five poems in the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.</p>

<p>5) I am the Junior Editor of high school literary magazine, and will be Senior Editor next year. I was also a staff member Sophomore Year.</p>

<p>6) My writing has been featured in over 130 independently-owned publications (some are extremely selective); I have been featured on my school's website for my work with my literary magazine and publication pursuits, and I am being featured in school's annual report magazine this year.</p>

<p>7) I will graduate high school with a Concentration in Global Studies (will take a global service trip to China this summer, will be taking AP Spanish, will write a 20-page thesis analyzing a global issue).</p>

<p>8) Bass/Baritone in my all-male a cappella group at high school starting Sophomore Year; won 3rd place in all-state a cappella championship Sophomore Year. I am Vice President and Arranger of the group, as of my Junior Year.</p>

<p>9) I played piano in the Young Musician's Festival (competitive musician program in March every year) in Freshman Year--Intermediate Level, 10/10 stars.</p>

<p>10) I am a member of my school’s Model UN Club. I traveled to Georgetown's NAIMUN conference Sophomore Year.</p>

<p>11) I attended Middlebury's New England Young Writers’ Conference last may (Sophomore Year).</p>

<p>12) I attended Stanford University’s EPGY between Sophomore and Junior Years, studying Creative Writing intensively for three weeks.</p>

<p>13) Two plays of mine were recently featured in my high school's Winter Showcase, and one play has been recruited for an outside-of-school gig.</p>

<p>13) Between Freshman and Sophomore Year, I volunteered as a camp counselor, and took care of an autistic child for six weeks.</p>

<p>14) I am a leading member of my school's GSA.</p>

<p>15) I am a member of Columbia University's Student Film Actors Pool (i.e. I act in student films there).</p>

<p>16) I am in two improv groups (will lead one in Senior Year).</p>

<p>17) I perform songs often at coffeehouses and school venues.</p>

<p>My essays, teacher recommendations, and interviews will all be great.</p>

- Someone on board of Northwestern willing to write a rec (only if I go there ED).
- Someone very involved with Brown willing to write a rec and introduce me to reader for my county, as well as a collection of board members.
- Creative Writing professor wants me at Tufts (willing to advocate for me), featured another Creative Writing professor in my journal, Tufts student on my journal staff.
- Legacy @ Georgetown.
- Offer from Visiting Lecturer at Georgetown’s Business School to write a rec.
- Georgetown Law Grad willing to write a rec.
- Amherst alumni willing to write a rec.
- Relationship with jubilat, the literary magazine at Amherst.
- Poet-in-residence at Stanford University willing to write a rec.
- Alumni (Camp counselor from last summer) from Stanford willing to write a rec.
- Maintaining contact with Vanderbilt LGBT Office.</p>

<p>“The List” (excluding safeties): It would be great to be chanced in terms of RD and ED for those that have “(ED?)” next to them—but of course, I recognize that you might not actually be able to give me a good chance for this… so if you can’t, don’t. sorry :)</p>

<p>Amherst (ED?)
Brown (ED?)
Duke (ED?)
Northwestern (ED?)
Washington University in St. Louis</p>

<p>And… (of course… but these schools do not ‘count’ freshman year, and since my school doesn’t rank I don’t think it should pull me down as much at these schools as at other schools)</p>

Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>shameless bump!</p>

<p>(another) shameless bump!</p>

<p>Wow, those are some great stats but what really stood out to me were those incredible ECs! Founding your own literary magazine that donates to charitable organizations sounds like something straight out of a movie. I'd say you're a shoe-in at all those schools, except, of course, Stanford, Brown, Princeton and CM, but those are never guarantees for anyone. One thing i thought this resume was lacking was any kind of sport/athletic activity. i know you probably dont have time for that sort of thing but it would add another dimension to an already well-rounded list of attributes you've accumulated. try track+field this spring, it probably doesnt require tryouts, and you can choose which event you're best at. which part of CT are you from?</p>

<p>The fact that you don't need financial aid and you've improved so much since freshman year leaves you with a very good shot.</p>

<p>I would greatly appreciate it if you commented on my situation in the thread below. Thanks. (:</p>

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<p>Ahhh yay that makes me happy, haha. One thing I've noticed over the course of my life is that all physical activity literally hates me and that I'm not capable of doing it... unfortunately. Who knows, perhaps I'll try to do something over the summer with sports? I just have absolutely no time right now, I'm barely getting by with everything I'm doing and my schedule/sat's/ap's/etc.</p>

<p>hey, to each his own. im sure there are a ton of harvard attendees that never picked up a basketball/a pair of sneakers in their life. but yeah you seem to have a ton of stuff on your schedule anyway. good luck!</p>

<p>haha thank you, good luck to you as well!</p>

<p>Stanford and Princeton might be a reah, but everything else is a definite match. If I were you I would try to raise your SAT scores a little. You have very good EC's though. Please chance me back</p>

<p>Thanks for the post! I chanced you back</p>

<p>wow... quite outstanding stats! for any of the schools but ivy league and stanford type, I'd say you have a very good chance. for stanford and princeton, I think that it is a bit of a reach</p>

<p>Thanks! Any more opinions? Haha</p>

<p>Assuming those test score predictions end up manifesting themselves:
Amherst: Match
Brown: Low reach
Duke: High reach
Emory: Match
Georgetown- Match
Northwestern- Match
Tufts- Low reach
Vanderbilt- Match
Wash U- Match
Stanford- High reach
Princeton- High reach
CMU- Match</p>

<p>Just make sure you score well on your tests and make sure you take some SAT Subject Tests (b/c some of those schools require them) </p>

<p>Chance back?
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks! :) I chanced you back.</p>

<p>Thanks for chancing me!</p>

<p>Amherst: Low/mid reach - ED would maybe make it a match
Brown: Low/mid reach - ED would make it a match
Duke: low/mid reach - ED would make it a match
Emory: Match
Georgetown- Match
Northwestern- Low reach - ED would make it a high match
Tufts- Match
Vanderbilt- Match
Wash U- low reach/ Match
Stanford- mid reach
Princeton- mid reach
CMU- Match</p>

<p>I truly believe some of these colleges will accept you!</p>

<p>Amherst: Don't ED here you can have a much better chance at another school with ED but you should get in
Brown: Low reach...even though its an ivy you have solid stats
Duke: You should ED here and you should definitely get in
Emory: Match
Georgetown- good match
Northwestern- match
Tufts- Match
Vanderbilt- Match
Wash U- Low Reach
Stanford- reach cuz they are very weird with their admissions
Princeton- mid reach because its an ivy
CMU- idk</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks for chancing me-- I just chanced you back.</p>

<p>Could people chance more in terms of this list perhaps? I'm totally just curious.</p>

<p>Amherst ED
Amherst RD
Brown ED
Brown RD
Duke ED
Duke RD</p>

<p>looks good, i believe they will accept you.
Amherst good
Brown okay
Brown idk
Duke good</p>

<p>Okay, thank you! Any more opinions?</p>

<p>I do love Amherst and Duke, but I have to say I have had my heart set on applying to Brown ED next year for years. However, if you guys think that I'm more likely to get into Duke or Amherst, rather than Brown at this point then I might be interested in applying ED to one of those two schools instead (probably Duke, as I think Duke is a better fit for me, and has more of what I am looking for). Although, I do love Amherst.</p>

<p>I don't know, I'm conflicted. As long as I get into one of them, I'll be overjoyed!</p>

<p>Your EC's are exceptional. As long as you stress that you are passionate about writing in your essays, your awards should be a great help. Amherst: Don't ED here you can have a much better chance at another school with ED but you should get in
Brown: Low reach...even though its an ivy you have solid stats
Duke: You should ED here and you should definitely get in
Emory: Match
Georgetown- good match
Northwestern- high match, low reach
Tufts- low Match
Vanderbilt- Match
Wash U- Low Reach
Stanford- Reach for everyone. You should have a good shot, especially since you spent a summer on campus.
Princeton- Reach for everyone. EC's are impressive, should have a really good shot here to.</p>

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