Chance a nervous rising senior for BU?


<p>I’m a rising senior and I visited BU in January and (albeit a little to my surprise) really loved it. My School is an extremely (EXTREMELY) competitive prep school in Missouri (we have the top scores in the state) and I’m a white female. My school doesn’t do a 4.0 gpa, but my grades go something like this: </p>

<p>Freshman Year:
Concert Choir-A
English 9-A
Spanish II-A-
World History to 1500-B+
Algebra II Accelerated-B+</p>

<p>Sophomore Year (easily my worst year…it was a nightmare)
Concert Choir-A
Visual Arts foundations-A
Spanish III-A-
English 10-B+
World History post 1500-B (My college counselor will talk about this in my rec…hardest teacher in the school, the teacher loved me and said my B was “commendable”)
Pre-Calculus Accelerated-B- (probably talking about this in my essay)</p>

<p>Junior Year
English 11-A
AP Calculus AB-B+ or B (I was right on the cusp)
AP Environmental Science-B
Spanish IV-B</p>

<p>Senior Year Classes:
AP statistics, AP gov, AP Spanish, AP English, physics, chorale</p>

Junior Year-AP Calc AB, APUSH, APES, AP lang&comp
Senior Year-Gov, Statistics, Spanish, Literature</p>

SAT: 1970 (re-taking this fall after SERIOUS prep this summer)
ACT: 30 (also re-taking)</p>

<p>E.Cs: Madrigal Singers (sophomore year–), Varsity cheerleading (all 4 years, winner of highest award junior year, captain senior year), Varsity dance (freshman year), Pep Club (Secretary junior year, President senior year), Liberals club (VP senior year), international club, member of International Thespian Society, in all 3 musicals so far, Headmaster’s distinctive achievement award (3x)</p>

<p>Recs from my junior english teacher who loved me and from my AP Calc teacher who also loved me and is going to write about my work ethic–I’m not a math kid and I worked REALLY hard for that B. </p>


<p>Meh good luck</p>