Chance a newbs that's just finished junior year!!!


<p>So I just finished up junior year and my stats are definitely Solidifed!</p>

<p>First of all, I'm the OP's cousin My future account is dependent on whether I see this site as helpful!!!! (I most likely will!)</p>

<p>Also, I can't really afford JHU so I will be asking for as much aid as I can get to make it comparable to in-state colleges!!!</p>


<p>SAT I: 2200
700 M 750 W 750 CR</p>

<p>SAT II: Bio - 640 (Re-take?)
USH - 730
Lit - 740
Math II - 710</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92 (Upward Trend: F 3.22, S 4.14, J 4.58, S 5.0 (Projected))</p>

<p>ACT - N/A</p>

<p>AP Classes (11)
AP Euro - 5, AP Stat (3), AP Lang (4), APUSH (4), AP Bio (4)
Enrolled for AP Lit, AP Comp Sci A, AP Calc AB, AP Gov, AP Physics B, AP Econ (Micro)</p>

President of: Muslim Student Assoc, Asian Student Assoc, Science Club
Secretary of: Math League</p>

<li>Volunteered 250 Hours at Hospital</li>

<p>Please if you need more info just ask!!!</p>

<p>Definitely retake Bio. You don't have adequate EC's. Other than that for a shot at ED, you're in!</p>

<p>Really? I thought my EC's were my strong point lol</p>

<p>Will I be able to get substantial fin. aid?</p>

<p>I cannot afford anything above 10,000 a year (including room/board) (that's what I'd be getting at my in-state uni)</p>

<p>JHU</a> Possible Aid Estimator</p>

<p>This will tell you what you will pay (estimate, but accurate), should you get in.</p>

<p>I too would recommend ED - your course work is good but freshman year worries me... </p>

<p>ED is perfect for you if JHU is your first choice.</p>