Chance a non-nova va junior for phil/econ at dartmouth, uva, wm, and reverse chance?

white, junior, middle class (~80k but variable)

gpa (uw/w): 3.95/4.45 by end of year
act: 35

major: applying with phil and econ as choices on common app, hope to double major, plan to go to law school

APs (past + current): aphg (5), latin (4), chem*, gov (4), music theory*, lang, apush, calc ab and bc (both this year, school teaches separately), micro, macro, physics*, self-studying comp gov

  • = didn’t/won’t test


  • speech team (4 years) - state champ in extemp, 2x local circuit champ, co-captain, head recruiting and lead training for limited prep
  • founding member and director of volunteer coordination at student organization providing cost-free virtual music lessons (2 years) - lead team of 19, total of 38 tutors across 9 states and 6 countries, 52 total students
  • internship (this summer) - something law related, my school matches us with firms/courts/etc.
  • debate (4 years) - 2x regional champ, co-captain of pf
  • orchestra (4 years) - playing violin since third grade, accepted into honors groups, play in my school’s highest ranked group
  • reading blog (2 years) - really just for myself to keep track of what I’m learning, etc. rn, but it’s a big part of my life, and I think it speaks to my passion for my major(s? maybe haha) because a lot of the focus is on phil/poli/econ, totalling 18 books now having started last fall, and averaging ~2 weeks/book now

You might make an ideal candidate for a public policy concentration, which relies on the fields of philosophy, economics and political science for its foundation. I recommend you research any of these colleges that appeal to you:

This site also may be of interest:

If you would like a purely undergraduate-focused college experience, which, in my opinion, could make traveling out of Virginia worth it for you, look into Hamilton and Pomona, and similarly regarded schools.

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