Chance a Non-stereotypical Asian?

<p>Chinese/Filipino American-Male</p>

<p>GPA: 4.6 (weighted)/ 4.00 (unweighted)...unweighted calculations are my own
Rank: 1/ number of students = rough estimate/unknown</p>

<p>SAT I
-2200-690/710/800 (cr/math/writing)...planning to retake...SAT II scores pending</p>

-Euro His. (5, indep. study)
-English Lang. (pending)
-US His. (pending)
-Macroecon (sr.)
-Gov (sr.)
-Calc BC (sr.)
-English Lit (sr.)
-Latin: Vergil (sr.)
-Physics B (sr.-indep. study)</p>

<p>Excellence (School Award IMPLIES HIGHEST grade in class)
-Honors Algebra I, H. Geometry, H. Algebra II, H. PreCal
-Honors English II, AP English Lang
-Latin I and II
-Hon. IPC, H. Chem
-Excellence in World Regional Geo, H. World His, APUSH</p>

<p>Student Honor Board
-"Faculty appointed Board that investigates violation in the School Honor Code (i.e., cheating and lying)"
-Appointed Sophomore Year</p>

<p>Academic Team
-Member of the Number Sense Team, Latin language Team, and Spelling Team (Soph. Year)
-Member of the Current Events and Issues Team and History Team (Jr. Year)
-Won 3rd in TAPPS Academic Regionals for CE&I and honorable mention in History; 2nd in State for CE&I (Jr. Year)</p>

<p>Student Government
-Freshman Year- Class Representative
-Sophomore Year- Class President
-Junior Year- Junior Class President
-Senior Year- Executive Board Vice President </p>

<p>"Other" Clubs and Service
-Usher at my Church of 6 Years.
-100+ hours of community service by the time of graduation
-Cross Country Team (3 years)
-Latin (Classical) Club (3 by senior)
-Founder of the Rock n’ Roll Society (3 by senior)
-National Honor Society (3 by senior, VP, as well)</p>

-1st in my school's Battle of the Bands 2010 Competition
-3rd in the 2010 University of St. Thomas (TX) Catholic High School Essay Contest: "Peace and Hope in a World of Conflict"
-3rd highest in school score on the American Mathematics Competition 10 Test
-Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Social Science Award (?)
-"Magna Cum Laude" status on National Latin Exam (2 years)</p>

<p>MISCELLANEA - Service
-Open House tour guide at my school (3 years as of now, 4 by senior)
-Participated in the Shadow Program Freshman Year (tour guide-esque job)</p>

<p>Chances at...
HYP, Columbia, Cornell, UChicago, Rice, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, USC, UCLA, McGill</p>

<p>no offense, but how are you non-stereotypical?</p>

<p>Very likely USC, UCLA, McGill, CMU, UChicago (if EA), Rice, and NU
Match Cornell
Reach, but same chance as everyone else at HYP Columbia</p>


<p>I have a passion for social sciences...(?)</p>

<p>PLUS, I'm not a member of a math club, a skilled tennis player, or a talented pianist...(?)</p>

<p>true, I guess. I was just looking at the boatload of academic extracurriculars and student gov't. either way you look like a good fit for any of those schools</p>

<p>Looks stereotypically Asian to me.</p>

<p>C'mon now...</p>

<p>a word of advice: if social sciences are really your passion, you need to make that stand out in a sea of the "right" extracurriculars. also, maybe this is just me (being a fellow xc/track runner), but I would also place emphasis on those 3 years of xc as a testament to your drive and commitment. good luck!</p>

<p>Aye...I had an ankle injury and treated it improperly - I can't run now. :(</p>

<p>So, no more running for me...</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Your app isn't stereotypical, but it's not exactly unique. Like alexa693 said, if you are passionate about social sciences, emphasize that in your application and tailor your activities around it. It's not bad to be stereotypically Asian if you have the stats to back it up, but your app currently is strong in academics but a bit lacking in awards compared to the other Chance Me posts I've seen with similar stats. In no way do I mean to discourage you. Good luck!</p>

<p>HYP, Columbia, Cornell, UChicago, Rice, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, USC, UCLA, McGill </p>

<p>HYPC will be reaches for you, but not because you're underqualified. They're reaches for a few and impossible for most. Strong essays are key! You seem a little spread across the board- if there's any way to highlight specific interests in your application, try your best to.</p>

<p>Cornell, UChicago, and Northwestern are good matches. The same advice applies as above.</p>

<p>For the others, unless you apply to a specific, very selective program (Comp Sci at CMU or theatre at UCLA, for example) I don't see why you wouldn't get in to most. USC and McGill are almost certain.</p>

<p>Would you mind chancing me?</p>

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<p>You will want higher, stereotypical cr and math scores for ivies.</p>

What do you consider stereotypical, then?</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Clearly being number one in your class with 9 APs and a bunch of bull#$@t awards in not an ordinary Asian.</p>


<p>Coming from an Asian, looks like a stereotypical Asian to me ;). But being the stereotypical Asian is a good thing, because stereotypical Asians are capable and smart.</p>

<p>Any other words of wisdom, intenex? :)</p>

<p>bump10char </p>

<p>Are my aspirations too high?</p>