Chance a potential RD applicant

<p>Senior at a top 3 public HS in PA
3.25 UW GPA, 3.88 W (slight upward trend)
SATs: 2200. 730 CR/710 M/760 W
SAT 2: 730 on US History
ECs: NHS (senior year), School Newspaper (writer 9th and 10th, Sports Editor 11th, Op-Ed 12th), Student Council (Member 10th and 11th, Treasurer in 12th), Wrote and maintained website for the school basketball team in 11th and 12th, Volunteer tutor to a disadvantaged elementary student (10th), Volunteer youth basketball coach (11th and 12th), Class President (9th), Member of the Golf Team (11th, 12th), Ref in a local flag football league (10th and 11th, head of refs in 12th), Umpire in a local baseball league (9th-12th).
Curriculum Strength: Took mainly Honors courses, will graduate having taken 5 APs.
AP Scores: 5 on APUSH and AP L&C.</p>

<p>No reason why not dude. you got everything there. I got in early and my tests werent that high. As long as you have a solid essay and good teacher recs you should be good! Good luck!</p>