Chance a pretty regular girl for Ivys + other top universities

Hi guys! I would love it if someone would chance me for the top universities- I’ve just started my junior year so I plan on doing more, but this is what I’ve got for now.

Demographics: Arab, female, Midwest, middle class, highly rated public school (I’m also part of an advanced math, science and technology program)

Intended Majors: Neuroscience (although I can settle for biology), public health

GPA: UW- 4.0, W-4.49 (honors classes are not weighted)

Rank: 1/560

ACT/SAT: I haven’t taken these exams yet, but my goal is to get around 1500-1540 and 34-36 *I’ve taken several practice exams and based on those I feel like these are reasonable goal ranges (but I’m sure I’ll need some luck too lol)
SAT II: I also haven’t taken these, but I signed up for US History, Math II, Chemistry and Physics (I’ll be taking chem and physics one month after the AP exams, so I have high hopes)


AP Computer Science Principles
H Language Arts
H Integrated Math II
H Chemistry
World History

AP Seminar
H Language Arts
H Biology
H Integrated Math III
Vocal Ensemble
[Self studied for AP Psych]

AP Computer Science A
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Lang
Calc 1 and 2 (dual enrollment, I plan on taking the AP Calc BC exam)
Political Science (dual enrollment, I plan on taking the AP Gov exam)
[Self studying for AP Spanish Language and Culture]

*4/5 on all exams

EXTRACURRICULARS: (so I think in terms of stats I’ll be ok, but my extracurriculars are what I’m a little worried about)

Out of School:
Youth Medical Journal- Executive Writer
Human Who- Content Ambassador
Medical Debt Eradicators- Fundraising Manager
WiCode- Expansion Manager
Ford High School Science and Technology Program
Community Service Hours: 100+
Shadowing a Pediatrician- 1 year
Boxing (I’m not sure if this counts for anything though)

In School:
Student Council- Rep 1 year, President 2 years
Girls Who Code- Vice President
Business Professionals of America- Fundraising Chair
Peer Mentoring Program- Mentor
Link Crew- Leader
Key Club- Member
Robotics- Member
National Honors Society- Member
Field Hockey: Junior Varsity (2018-2020)

2018- Volunteer at the Summer STAND leadership program
2019- Tutor (Chemistry, Algebra 1 and 2)
2020- I got a job @ a local supermarket
2021- I plan on applying for an internship for the programming unit at Ford (connected to the science & technology program I am currently a part of)

Awards and Honors:

  • CTE certified in Java IB programming
  • On track to receive Seal of Biliteracy
    -AP Scholar with Honor (although I doubt this means anything lol)
  • 2nd at regional competition- Business Professionals of America: Economic Research
  • 9nd at state competition- Business Professionals of America: Economic Research

Essays: I have a few good ideas, and I like to think I’m a pretty strong writer, so these will [hopefully] go well

Letters of Rec: Hope for these as well- I have close relationship with 3/4 teachers, and my counselor knows me well

Overall what I’m worried about is my extracurriculars being too weak- I’m trying to get involved in more STEM related subjects and I feel like lots of the things I do reflect that, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough. Thank you for reading through this if you made it here, I appreciate it!!!

“Overall what I’m worried about is my extracurriculars being too weak”

I have long contended that you should participate in the ECs that you want to participate in. At least that is what I did and it was enough for me to get into top schools (a long time ago). If you are doing what you want to do, you are likely to do it well.

Remember that “leadership” means making the activity better for everyone, and helping other people. It does not mean getting your own way. If you are in a competition it is reasonable to do your best to win. However even someone like the president of the chess club can work to make the club better for everyone, while still trying to win each game they play and each competition they enter.