Chance a Prospective Cornellian!

<p>Hi! So I'll be applying this year ED to the ag school as an Animal Science Major, hoping to go on a pre-vet track. I'm just looking for any opinions on what my chances are! Thanks in advance for any replies!</p>

SAT: 2230 (760 CR, 770 W, 700 M)
SAT II: 800 US History, 780 Bio E
GPA: 3.99 UW, 4.3 W
Rank: 10/342
AP's: US History, Lang, Macro/Micro Econ, Biology, Calc AB, Psychology, Human Geography (5's on all)
Senior Course Load: AP Calc BC, AP Physics B(includes an after school lab for an extra . credit), AP Lit, AP Gov, Yearbook, TA for AP Econ
Awards: National Merit Semi-Finalist, National AP Scholar, USC Book Award</p>

-Volunteer at local animal shelter, walking dogs, cleaning, interacting with perspective adopters, ect (~10 hours/week, 700 hours total) [11-12];
-Dog fosterer at same shelter (varies) [11-12];
-Camp Counselor for a month over the summer at the children's animal themed camp hosted by the same shelter, can you tell I love it there? (30 hours/week) [11-12]
-Yearbook Editor-in-Chief (varies) [member 10, page editor 11, EIC 12];
-School Tutor (varies) [12];
-Big Brothers Big Sisters (1-2 hours/week) [11-12];
-Docent at local nature center (3-5 hours/week) [11-12];
-Varsity Softball (15 hours/week in season) [9-10]; </p>

<p>Job/Work Experience:
-Work at the back dog/cat boarding kennels at our local vet (7 hours/week) [11-12];
-Pet-sitting (varies) [9-12]</p>

Pretty much done with my common app essay. It's about how I used to rescue earthworms when I was younger. I still need outside input, but I'm happy with it.</p>

<p>Teacher Recommendations:
AP Lang teacher (should be great, I'm one of the strongest students in the class and she's also the Yearbook advisor); AP Bio teacher (should be alright, I hear he writes good letters and I worked hard in his class)</p>

<p>Counselor Rec:
She loves me. Should be outstanding. We just had a huge talk yesterday about Cornell, and she really wants to help me get in there. She said she hasn't had much luck in the past getting kids into Cornell, but she thinks I can change that!</p>

State : Utah, although I moved the summer before my junior year from Ohio, so that's why many of my EC's are only for 9-10 or 11-12</p>

<p>School Type: strong medium-sized public, multiple HYPMS acceptances this year, 4 NMS</p>

<p>Ethnicity: as white as they come</p>

<p>Gender: female</p>

<p>Income Bracket: upper class, no FA necessary</p>

<p>Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): double legacy at Cornell (Mom went to CALS, Dad was a hotelie)</p>

<p>I'd say your chances are above average, especially if you apply ED.</p>

<p>Very good chance ED! Personally, I think you'll get in, but definitely don't get complacenent.</p>

<p>Almost positive that you would be in if you're ED, legacy, good grades etc. Just make sure your essays are adequate and you should have no problem.</p>