Chance a Questbridge Finalist


<p>GPA: 4.0 UW, 2/500
ACT: 34 (35 E, 35 M, 34 R, 32 S) plus another 34 ACT with 35 Science
SAT: 2240 (790 Math, 710 CR, 740 W)
SAT II: 800 World History, 770 Chem, 770 Math 2
AP: 5 Chem, 5 USH, 5 English Lit
Awards: QB Finalist, a few local and state music awards</p>

<p>Extra: Drum Major of Marching Band, First Chair flute in several bands, organized a charity event, student government, a few academic teams, etc
Income: <40,000
Languages: English and Arabic
Essays: Story about my dad being sick and learning to take care of myself for common app
My Space: About my background in music</p>

<p>Besides my general chance, is there anything else I can do to show interest in the school? A letter updating the school on my achievements?</p>

<p>Good fit for Vassar. Hope you get in and go.</p>