Chance a rising 8th grader for Top Boarding Schools.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
SAT's: 1940(Math 710, CR 630, W 600
GPA(I assume semester grades):
6th grade:
Honors English: A/A
Honors Pre-Algebra: A/A-(yeah I was 2 grades ahead in Math and the teacher was uber hard)
Honors Reading: A/A
Honors Science: A/A
Social Studies: A/A
Computer Keyboarding: A
Music/Art-A/A-, but A averaged for semester
Computer Graphics: A
Overall GPA: 3.97 if using +/-, 4.00 without +/-</p>

<p>7th grade:
Honors English: A/A
Honors Algebra 1: A/A(I got way better at Math through AoPS)
Honors Science: A/A
Social Studies: A/A
Spanish I-A: A/A
Music/Art-A/B+, A if averaged for semester
Gym: A-(the teacher was a VERY harsh grader)
Foods and Fitness: A
Overall GPA: 3.95 with +/- without averaging quarterly music/art grades, 3.97 if averaging quarterly music/art, 3.96 with no +/- without averaging quarterly music/art grades, 4.00 with no +/- with averaging quarterly music/art grades.</p>

MathCounts Team Member, #1 in tryout test, essentially captain, 1st individual, team, countdown in MathCounts Chapter, 26th place at state. Participated in 6th and 7th grade.
Member of Cross Country Team
Member of Academic Superbowl Math and Interdisciplinary team: Captain in 6th grade, member in 7th grade(the coach in 7th grade only let 8th graders be captain)
Play piano and have participated in the Piano Guild Auditions. Have been a "National Winner" for 6 years(not as good as it sounds, you just have to memorize 10 pieces and not play horribly)
Member of Wilbur wright middle school Science Olympiad Team:
State 1st place medalist, won 3 medals at chapter, qualified for national competition and got 11th in the country in Compute This</p>

In 8th grade I will re-take the SAT, keep the above extracurriculars, and take these classes:
Honors Geometry at the local high school(only kid in middle school doing this)
We The People-A class at our school, also counts as EC?
Music/Art-Required quarterly sequence. I hate Art and it destroys my GPA.
Industrial Technology(required, basically woodshop)
Honors Language
Honors Science
Social Studies
Spanish 1-B
8th grade, EC wise:
Intend to qualify for National MathCounts
Most likely will qualify for National SciOly, will try to medal at nationals
May participate in spell bowl
Same as above</p>

<p>I want to try to get in to schools like Indiana Math and Science Academy, Andover, Exeter, Culver, etc. Did those A-'s and B+'s in Art and Gym kill me? Or do I still have the tiniest of chances?</p>

<p>Lol, I think you have a pretty good chance, you seem like a strong candidate to me. But I am not the greates judge considering I’m also a rising 8th grader…</p>

<p>If it’s not too much trouble could you also chance me?</p>

<p>I’ll PM you my info.</p>

<p>OK. Does anyone know if I could get any merit aid?</p>

<p>i dont think many top boarding schools give out merit based scholarships-i think its only need based.</p>

<p>ok wow. wow. i think you have amazing stats the math stuff really helps i think and you have good overall stats too. maybe do community service? but otherwise you’re a strong candidate. If you go to visit exeter pm me if you want i can tell you more about the application process if you’d like i’m going there next year!</p>

<p>You’re very good at math/science! Those are great EC’s. You’re A- and B+ aren’t a big deal at all. I think Exeter would be great for you.</p>