Chance a Rising Junior for UChicago, Georgetown, Ivies?

<p>I'm a rising junior at an uber-competitive private school in Canada. I'm nervous because I'm an international seeking at least some financial aid. Thoughts?</p>


<p>Courseload: </p>

<p>Grade 11:
Math 11 - 92%
Economics 11 - 96%
Chemistry 11 - 82% (LOLFAIL)
English 12 - 90%
Mandarin 11 - 83% (I'm not Asian, forgive me)
Comparative Civilizations 12 - 95% (sort of an Ancient History overview)
Social Studies 11 - 96%</p>

<p>Grade 12:
Math 12
Calculus 12
Biology 12
Mandarin 12
AP English Language and Composition
AP European History</p>

<p>(my school is only running 5 APs next year, so believe me, I'd take more if I could. I'm definitely taking AP English Literature by correspondence, and probably AP U.S. Government and Politics.)</p>


<p>SAT I Reading: 710
SAT I Math: 590 (LOLFAIL)
SAT I Writing: 770
SAT I Overall: 2070</p>

<p>SAT II Literature: 750
SAT II World History: 690
SAT II U.S. History: 750</p>


-Debate. I've competed three times at Provincials, twice at Worlds Qualifiers, and for the first time this year at Senior High Nationals. I've done pretty well over the years and I have my share of medals. My partner and I placed 3rd at this year's provincials and I placed 3rd individually which qualified us for the Senior Nats. We did fairly well, tied up the reigning world champion in the first round, won three others, and lost two. We didn't place, but we were maybe top twenty. And I was just chosen to be the captain of my school's debate team. </p>

<p>-Field Hockey. I've been the JV goalie for two years, and I occasionally sub in for the varsity goalie. We're one of the top teams in our area, and we usually place top three in our invitationals, always top two in our city championships. I've been on the track and cross-country teams too, but field hockey is the only sport I've hung on to. </p>

<p>-Peer Tutoring. I've been a tutor for ages, and this year I was a captain of the program, matching tutors with needy students. I plan to continue in this role next year, and there are plans to send tutors from our school to needy elementary schools in our city </p>

<p>-Sunday School. I teach it. Every single week. The kids are rowdy. </p>


<p>Employment: </p>

<p>Worked as an unpaid intern with a local newspaper for a few weeks, had several articles published, spent a week with one of the paper's crime journalists observing and reporting on a murder trial. </p>

<p>Worked as a sales rep in a big-box bookstore for a few months during the holiday season, specialized in the teens' and kids' sections. </p>

<p>Did administrative work for a well-known investment firm last summer, filing data and organizing the client database. </p>



<p>I can get good recs, and I'm fairly confident in my essay-writing skills. </p>


<p>Shoot away, internet!</p>

<p>If you can bring that math sat up, you just might have a chance. Also mantain solid grades first mp senior year.</p>

<p>Thanks, Mrluggs. I'm working on fixing that fail of a math SAT. </p>

<p>Also, I'm a rising senior. My bad.</p>

<p>International + Fin Aid = SUPER UBER COMPETITIVE POOL. You're talking about pool where International Olympiad medalists get rejected sometimes.</p>

<p>Oh, I know, geekorathletic. I know, and it terrifies me. </p>

<p>Just bumping this up.</p>

<p>Yes, you are really doing great. I am not sure about the Ivies as that is difficult for all, but your stats and ECs are good, so I say in at Uchicago and georgetown and maybe at the Ivies.</p>

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<p>Unfortunately, bausser doesn't know what he's talking about.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but Georgetown, Chicago, and Ivies are all pretty much out of reach. It's possible, but very unlikely. International w/ financial aid is extremely competitive. And as geekorathletic says, it is certainly a pool where the absolute best of the best get rejected sometimes.</p>