Chance a Rising Senior

<p>Hello, I was wondering if someone could chance me. </p>

First Generation</p>

<p>GPA: End of junior year (2.4 UW) / Expected end of mid-senior year (2.6/2.7 W)
SAT: 1500 / Hoping to retake for 1800
Courseload: First time taking APs or honors in senior year, Took Biology twice</p>

2 to be 3 Years Varsity Softball Team
2 to be 3 Years Elementary School Tutor
3 Years of Asian Club
3 Years of Key Club</p>

1 Year Ice Cream Store
1 Summer Selective Hospital Medical Program for High School Students
1 Summer Hospital Volunteer</p>

<p>Essay: On being a very outspoken person, how this is the opposite of what a traditional Chinese family expects of their daughter, and how it has shaped who I am now.</p>

<p>Recommendations: From two teachers at school, and perhaps a very close supervisor at my hospital medical program.</p>

I know it will probably be hard to gain admission seeing how only a few (14%) of attending students have a GPA below 3.0. But will my being Asian help me out somewhat in admission?</p>

<p>I am no expert at 'chancing' students, but it looks like it may be a challenge for you to get accepted to Hampshire. Hopefully, your Senior year grades and SAT scores will be on the upswing so that you can point to your improvement. I think that you should spend a great deal of time crafting an exceptional main essay, as well as the essays on Hampshire's supplemental application. It seems to me that the students who had iffy grades that were accepted to Hampshire were extraordinary writers.</p>

<p>Many SLACs struggle to increase the level of diversity among their student body, and Hampshire is no exception. Being a first-generation Chinese-American should help, but it is not going to surprise you to find that most Chinese students are not generally regarded as under-represented minority (URM) students. I think that being a URM is what gains some students a decided edge.</p>