Chance a Rising Senior

<p>Hello, I was wondering if someone could chance me. </p>

First Generation</p>

<p>GPA: End of junior year (2.4 UW) / Expected end of mid-senior year (2.6/2.7 W)
SAT: 1500 / Hoping to retake for 1800
Courseload: First time taking APs or honors in senior year, Took Biology twice</p>

2 to be 3 Years Varsity Softball Team
2 to be 3 Years Elementary School Tutor
3 Years of Asian Club
3 Years of Key Club</p>

1 Year Ice Cream Store
1 Summer Selective Hospital Medical Program for High School Students
1 Summer Hospital Volunteer</p>

<p>Essay: On being a very outspoken person, how this is the opposite of what a traditional Chinese family expects of their daughter, and how it has shaped who I am now.</p>

<p>Recommendations: From two teachers at school, and perhaps a very close supervisor at my hospital medical program.</p>

I know it will probably be hard to gain admission seeing how my grades aren't that great. But will my being Asian help me out somewhat in admission?</p>

<p>you shall be fine with Pace.</p>

<p>Pace</a> University Student Body Profile
^read over this info</p>

<p>Average combined SAT score: 1080
Average high school GPA: 87%</p>

<p>Pace is probably your best match out of the schools you've mentioned on your threads but her low GPA may be a stumbling block even for Pace. Keep it on your list and give it a try.</p>