Chance a Senior Interested in Business WILL CHANCE BACK !

Hello all -
I posted a chance thread sometime last year before my final scores and gpa came out. So, here I am: still paranoid and ensuring that this will be my final chance thread. I am a senior who attends a VERY prestigious high school in Illinois. I’m interested in studying business undergrad and am applying to some solid business schools. Please chance me for the following schools/business schools (chance me for the university FIRST, but if you know anything about admissions at a university’s business school that information would be very helpful too)

  • NYU Stern (first choice)
  • USC Marshall
  • UT Austin McCombs
  • Boston U Questrom
  • Northeastern D’Amore McKim
  • Indiana Kelley
  • Emory Goizueta
  • Rice (general university - school has business minor but not major)
  • McGill Desaultes

ACT: 32 (31 English, 34 Science, 31 Math, 32 reading - taking one last time in September and hoping for a 33 or 34), 12 writing
SAT II: 700 US History (is this worth sending?) TAKING Math II in October
GPA: 3.63 UW/4.13 W
Course rigor shows a STRONG upward trend - I started out in all regular level classes, and am taking all AP’s (except science) this year
Rank: N/A
AP: US History (5), TAKING: Calculus AB, English Lang & Composition, US Gov, Macroeconomics, World History
Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus AB, AP English Lang & Composition, Honors Astronomy, AP US Gov, AP Macroeconomics, AP World History (taking all AP’s/hardest schedule possible)

Major Awards: DECA State Qualifier (2nd at regionals in role play, 3rd in econ test), DECA Top 10 in State (written event), French National Honor Society
Minor Awards: Honor Roll (every year in high school), National Honor Society
Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Varsity Cross Country, JV Tennis (Captain), Global Citizens Club (President), DECA (VP), Relay For Life (Board Member), School Retreat (Leader - seen as a big honor), School Tutor, 3-year Radio Program Member
I am a part of a VERY prestigious two-year research program at my school. There are only 7 kids who applied for it because it is really hard to be selected.
I am a board member of a local charity event that helps raise thousands annually
Job/Work Experience: Internship over the summer in Chicago with a tech start-up, overnight camp counselor for 4 weeks
Volunteer/Community service: Volunteering with local food bank, religious organization, and through the community service oriented extracurriculars I am involved in
Teacher Recommendation: 9/10 Should be fantastic all the way around. Teachers know what I’ve been through and like me a lot.
Counselor Recommendation: Pretty good 7/10

Applying for Fin Aid?: No
Intended Major: Marketing/Finance
State: IL
School Type: Public (Top 10 in State)

I’m aware that my stats may not be the best for the schools I am targeting, but I want to see where I stand and what my perceived weaknesses might be. If there’s anything you guys think I can improve on before applying let me know! My essays should be the strong suit of my application as I like to think I am a pretty good writer. Thanks!