chance a senior?

Asian/Pacific Islander
HS Senior at competitive public HS in CT
3.7 UW GPA, 4.0 W
8 honors classes, 1 AP (freshman - junior year)
SAT I - 1980 (CR 650, M 550, W 780)
SAT II - US History (760), Literature (620)
ACT - 26
AP US History (5)</p>

<p>Retaking the SAT & ACT in October.</p>

<p>Senior course load: AP English Lit & Comp, AP US Gov't & Politics, AP Psychology, Calculus & Statistics Honors, Spanish IV Honors, French III</p>

<p>Prospective Major: English</p>

- Dance - 11 yrs, 4 yrs in Senior Company, my studio's performing company. My studio does full-length ballets each year for our winter and spring recitals and I've had lead and supporting roles in them since 8th grade. Each fall and winter we perform at local nursing homes and senior citizen centers for community service.
- Piano (9 yrs)
- Tutored at local elementary school twice a week for an hour
- Inducted into National Honors Society</p>

<p>Clubs: Key Club (Gr. 11, officer for 12), joining Writer's Circle and Yearbook this year.</p>

<p>Academic Awards:
Achievement in French I
Achievement in French II
Achievement in English II Honors
Excellence in English III Honors
Excellence in Physics
National French Exam - French II - placed 8th nationwide, 6th in state</p>

<p>I've asked my English and Spanish teachers to write recommendations for me. I did very well in both classes (A+) and both seem to like me/know me well, so hopefully those will be great.</p>

<p>I don't know the school REALLY well, but you seem to be in pretty great shape. Good luck!</p>


<p>I've been told my rec's and essays are really strong, if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Looks like you have a great chance of getting in. Are you considering doing ED2 or just regular decision?</p>

<p>Nope, just regular decision. I wasn't able to do an interview though, do you think that will hurt my chances? My "Why ConnColl" essay is very specific and I tried to show as much interest as possible through that..</p>